Merry Christmas – Our gift to you for 2009

The feedback about the Online PR post has been extensive in the past 24 hours, thank you for that. It’s been put to me that I need to put my money where my mouth is or some other cliché and so I will. It’s not enough for bloggers (I’m one of them!) to bleat on their blogs about what they want from PR people and Marketing people and how they want to be approached, if they want to be approached. Opt in remember!

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So I’m offering to run an event in mid-January where bloggers that are interested (I’ll provide booze and cake to bribe them!) can come along and meet up with PR and Marketing people who can mingle with them and get their feedback on campaigns or thoughts they had on how to engage with the online community which includes bloggers, social networkers and all the rest. I would like to see more PR and Marketing people communicating with Irish bloggers who are interested in these communications and having these companies listen to what the online people think and to try and work with these onliners to get them what they want.

Want to come along? Leave a comment below, be you a blogger or a PR/Marketing type.

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  1. I’d like to attend. Its going to be in Dublin isn’t it!

  2. It would be worth going just to see what they have to say. And why they say it “that” way.

  3. Yeah I’ll probably be there.

  4. I’d be interested in this, depending on the date in Jan.

  5. Definitely. Well up for that. Could hardly miss it after yesterday’s blog! Neil

  6. I’m there. My comments on the topic are getting curious emails. Verbal explanation is far more efficient.

  7. Sounds good! Although I’m probably an awkward hybrid of the two.

  8. Love to attend. Inspired by your previous post from PR land, I’ve started sth similar to take a more critical look at ad agencies and the dearth of blog therein.

  9. I am more than interested in going, both for personal and business reasons. Make it happen !

  10. Count me in!

    Warning – I will be asking PR practitioners why they’re not using Irish Press Releases. Joking aside I would like some feedback from them.

  11. Sounds great. Evidence that we need a balance of real person and online contact!

  12. Put me down for that.

  13. Hi Damien,
    I’d love to come too!

  14. Definately interested in going along, good call Damien!

  15. This event is long overdue.

  16. What sort of cake…..?

  17. Right up my street, count me in

  18. that’ll be chocolate cake I assume :) definitely interested…

  19. I’d say me and Enda could add to the demographics present ;)

  20. Yes please and thank you.

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