Giving away our Online Marketing Documentation

Update: Download the Mulley Communcations Online Marketing Doc here.

I’m pretty happy and proud of the Online Marketing Doc that I give out to people at the private and public training courses I do. It covers the basics of Online Marketing, covers a bit on SEO, Google Adwords, Social Networks like Facebook and Bebo and other bits and pieces. I’d like to give it away but I want my tinkerbell moment. I want people to clap for it by leaving a comment here on this post. If 103 people leave comments (I don’t like even numbers so 100 is ruled out and 101 is a bit too uniform for my liking) I’ll release the document into the wild and as I update the document (which will happen every few months) I’ll update it on the site here too.

Giving away your documentation isn’t actually going to impact on the work you get in as people should be paying for your expertise, not your supporting documentation. To make it clear too, you can reuse any of the content for commercial or non-commercial use once Mulley Communications gets attribution.

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Now, if comments keep on going up and I get over 243 comments I’ll give a full day’s training session to 12 people or less (of your choosing) on Online Marketing in Cork or Dublin. The winner of this will be randomly selected from the list of commentors. Yeah you can’t charge people to attend this obviously.

Rules suck but there have to be a few. I’ll randomly contact people who leave comments in case anyone pretends to be more than one person. Pretend to be just one person! I have no issue at all with you encouraging people to leave a comment but I would prefer them to be people who want the document not just friends of yours who are helping you out. It’d be nice to know 100+ people read the document. It’s not a rule but if you took the document and improved on it (which is easy to do in fairness) then that would really rock!


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  1. Comment by Carol Power

    Hi Damien.
    Really enjoyed the seminar on Monday for the NCEB. So much I thought I knew but have only touched the surface! Came away feeling like I might understand it more now, thanks to the “down to earth” presentation.

    Looking forward to sitting down with this document, a highlighter & a cup of tea!!!

  2. Comment by Anna Wymes

    Thanks for this I’m looking forward to reading. I appreciate you sharing resources like this…and they say nothing in life is free..but it is from you!

  3. Hi Damien,
    Monday’s seminar for NCEB was excellent. There was no ‘waffling’ and time wasting, you delivered exactly what was needed, well done.

  4. Thanks Joyce!

  5. Thanks for the message Carol

  6. Hi Damien

    Nice job on the online marketing doc. Covered the main areas perfectly. Aware of the effort that goes into such a piece. Colleagues in Bewley’s will love it. See you later today in the workshop. Thanks, Simon.

  7. Hi Damien,

    The online marketing doc finally got me using SEO instead of staring blankly at it. Great to get clear, simple guidance. Thanks.

  8. Comment by Jose Pinto

    Hey Damien!

    Your document in “online marketing”, I found it really very good. It is very easy to read and explain vey clear all steaps.
    I am creating my own Website in Travel. So, this guidance has been formyself a good helped.

    Jose Pinto

  9. Thank you so much for such wonderful info for computer plebs like me.
    As I was leaving Secondary School, we got to see the first computers arrive. They were being set up in a dedicated room and we could not even turn them on!
    It is more fun learning from people like you than school teachers.

    Ailish Gray
    Teething SOS

  10. Comment by Sarah Fuller

    Hi Damien,

    Standing ovation!


  11. Hi Damien,
    Have been doing a little research in preparation for tomorrows workshop in Glenveagh National Park. Looking good.


  12. Hi Damien,

    I just downloaded this now – looking forward to reading it. Thanks a million for sharing.


  13. thanks Damian – its a good read

  14. Comment by Hillary Cronin

    Hi Damien
    Thanks for that. I am sure it will help clear up the maze re online marketing that constantly clutters my head!
    Thanks again.

  15. Comment by Angela Breheny

    Looking forward to meeting you on Dec 10th for the on-line marketing course Angela

  16. Comment by Karen

    Hi Damien,

    Great doc on Online Marketing – you obviously know your stuff but have managed to write it in a way that’s easy to digest. Thanks for sharing the info. Well done!


  17. Comment by Stephen Moran

    Hi Damien,

    This looks really interesting- I’m an online marketing/pr student, so relevant too!

    Thanks for sharing it,


  18. Comment by Darren

    Thanks for putting this doc up for free download. This is my first step in onine media training. I like your style.

  19. Thank you – very useful overview of where to begin with this. Looking forward to getting started with your tips and advice.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  20. Brilliant idea to share your experience on a document like this, looking forward to studying it. Please keep me posted on any upcoming seminars in Dublin.
    Many thanks,

  21. Comment by Sinead O'Connor

    Hi Damien,

    Just printed off the document now and am looking forward to reading and implementing it.

    In these recessionary times, it is refreshing to come across an expert who is not “precious” about their material.

    I’ll let you know how things work out.

    Again, many thanks.


  22. Hey Damien,
    Just pulled the doc agin and we will read it in full here (this time) and share with Claire in sales here. Thanks!

  23. It’s getting another update in a few days too!

  24. Thank you for sharing this info…I am new to all this SEO and website marketing, so need all the help I can get!

    Thanks again Carol

  25. Damien,
    Thanks for the free resources, don’t rule out Galway for the free training! Lots of online marketing in the West
    Nuala in Galway

  26. Comment by Alan


    Thanks for the freebie! Twas a great read!!

  27. Hi Damien,
    Was at dotconf yesterday, and had to see what all the fuss was bout. Looking forward to the read!

  28. Comment by Saorla O Corrain

    Hi Damien, really enjoyed your presentation in Dingle. Thanks for making your documents available. It’s very generous!

  29. Good doc Damien, nice and concise.

  30. Comment by Justin Parks

    Nice one D. Love the odd numbered requirement for comments.

  31. Thanks Damien. Just the kind of document I was looking for!

  32. Hey Damien,

    I’ve been saying for donkeys that other sectors had something to learn from the open source software community’s ethos of information & resource sharing and this seems to me to be a great example of that type of approach, deftly adapted and executed.

    Hope others sit up and take notice of this move :)

  33. Nice one Damien!

    Hope to see you in Galway again soon.

  34. Awesome. Just downloaded it there. You are a star Mr Mulley. Much appreciated.

  35. Hi Damien,

    Thank you so much for that golden information. I have recommended it to my my friend I used to work with in England who is now a marketing manager! Hoping one day to get to a course of yours. All the best

  36. I’ve also been recommending it to friends. Fair play!

  37. Comment by Mary Sweetman

    Thanks Damien,
    Your document looks great and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  38. Dear Mr Mulley

    great document with great practical advice, and Free, thanks for this resource.

    I have had lots to think about & now lots to do, thats progress



  39. Comment by Rob Mooney

    Hi Damien,

    Thanks alot for the free download is much appreciated!


  40. Comment by Clare

    Hi Damien,
    Thank you for sharing your resources.


  41. Comment by Graham Clarke

    Thanks for the free documentation Damien. Sound out.

  42. Great docs Damien (as usual)
    Sorry to hear on Twitter that people are passing your hard work off as their own, it’s so easy to put credit where credit is due :)
    Keep up the good work


  43. Comment by Derville

    Hi Damien,

    Thanks for sharing your resources, I saw your tweet which brought me here. Cheeky beggars trying to pull a fast one.


  44. Comment by Michael Keating

    Hi Damien,

    I’ve just begun to explore the marketing jungle at UCC. Your name has come up several times with a mix of admiration and controversy, naturally I’m fascinated. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to attend one of your seminars in the future. The online marketing documents are great.

    Thanks for all the fish.

  45. Comment by Fergal Hayes

    Hello Damien!
    Really enjoyed your presentation today in Galway. Very informative. Could I get a copy of the presentation please?


  46. Comment by Sarah

    Hi Damien,
    Thanks for sharing this document – really informative!

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