Teen Survey

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2010 Mulley Communications Digital Teen Survey

Download PDF of survey results.

This survey was carried out in the month of November 2010 and was distributed by teenagers to other teenagers. The questions in the survey were also created as a result of feedback from teenagers themselves. 101 teenagers aged from 13 to 19 took part in the survey.

Main points:

  • 14% have a part-time job
  • 28% spend their money on socialising, 27% on phone credit
  • Gig tickets and music is what teens buy most online
  • Most teens use their parents credit card or laser to buy online
  • Phone is the most treasured item of teens
  • Teens are not downloading all their music for free
  • Most music recommendations come via friends
  • Nearly half of teens use the online TV players from media organisations with 40% streaming TV and over ⅓ watching via playback services
  • 44% of teens are on Meteor
  • Nokia are the most popular phones, the iPhone is the most desired
  • 74% access the Internet on their mobiles per month
  • Communicating with friends: 56% via text message, 38% via Facebook, Phone call 28%, Email 27%