Summer (Zoom) Mentoring
Normally I used to do these mentoring sessions in the River Lee Hotel and the Gibson Hotel. Now it’s Zoom. My mentoring sessions are 50 minutes long. You choose what you want to cover.
The sessions are €90 for 50 minutes.

email if you want to book a mentoring session. Sessions can be done in the evenings or weekends for those who can’t take time out during work or cos the kids are there during the day.

Nice review from Shawna on my mentoring:

Damien has worked with me 1 on 1 several times to help improve my SEO and hone my PR skills. As a small business owner, I appreciate that he doesn’t waffle. He always comes to the table with so much knowledge and experience and ideas. Be prepared to take notes, because working with Damien means being utterly assaulted with useful information.

I give mentoring on the below areas.

Social Media Mentoring

I can help you evaluate your social media and whether it is working the way it should be. I can help you refine what you are doing or re-evaluate whether what you are doing is best for the company. From running the Social media Awards for 10 years I’ve gotten to see some of the best and not the best social media campaigns and strategies.

PR and Media Mentoring

I have decades of experience in getting into the media so I can help there. Media coverage. I help people get into the media by writing press releases, rewriting them or devising media strategies to get into local, national and International media. Getting into the media nowadays too is a nice way of getting an SEO bounce for your website, if done right.

Job Applications

I’ve been on interview panels, devised questions to ask candidates and designed job specs. I help people with their job applications and their interviews.

Startup Mentoring

I’ve been giving startups advice now for about 20 years and have helped companies grow and sometimes change their offerings and focus on new or better markets. And I don’t take equity cos that’s a bit grabby.

Established Business Mentoring

Like for startups I’ve been mentoring businesses and help them figure out how digital can work for them.