Media Coverage

Mulley Communications and Damien Mulley in the media.
100s of radio appearances as well as appearances on RTE 1 News, Prime Time, Questions and Answers, TV3 and other bits I forgot to mention.

September 2022
Business Post. Update of HEA Springboard website exposes personal data of 45,000 users.

July 2022
Business Post. Enterprise Ireland promises better support for start-ups after criticism.

April 2022
The Corkman. Rebel Spirit Awards celebrate ‘sound’ Cork people who helped others out.

Irish Independent. Here’s how to avoid those hefty costs on your child’s first phone.

February 2022
Business Post. Big tech seems to be falling into line behind the concept of the metaverse.

Irish Independent. TikTok is catching up on Instagram and Facebook.

January 2022
Irish Independent. Instagram poised to leapfrog Facebook. How are Instagram and Facebook performing among Irish users?
October 2021
Times Ireland. TikTok surges ahead of Snapchat and Instagram.

August 2021
Irish Independent. Pensioners outnumber teens on Facebook by three to one.
Irish Independent. Facebook Ireland is home to more Boomers than it is to Gen Z.
TodayFM. It’s Not Cool Anymore – The Average Irish Facebook User Is Getting Older.
Think Business. What Social Media Platforms are Winning in Ireland?

April 2020
Irish Independent. Facebook numbers increase after previous decline.
Newstalk. Big Jump in Social Media Usage.
Irish Examiner. Leo Varadkar’s social media gains.
Irish Independent podcast. Government Twitter Bots?
Irish Independent. The End of the Office? I hope not.

February 2020
Business Post. Social Media spend during general election 2020.

January 2020
Irish Independent Podcast. Social Media, the Election and manipulations.
Daily Express. Facebook losing users.

November 2019.
The Trouble with TikTok.

September 2019 Young People Moving Away from Facebook in Droves.
The Sun. Young people ditching Facebook. Facebook loses 300,000 users in Ireland.
TheRegister. Facebook now BoomerBook.

April 2019
Irish Independent. Why Old People Need Facebook.

March 2019
Irish Independent. Break up big tech?

January 2019
Irish Independent. Is your Smartphone listening to you?

December 2018
Irish Independent. Elderly are now Facebook’s greatest users. More elderly than teens using Facebook.

October 2018
Irish Independent. Five top mobile apps to help take control of your finances.

August 2017
Silicon Republic. Snapchat eclipses Facebook for under 35s.

June 2016
Irish Times. Social media: a virtual window into your business.

May 2016
Irish Times. Social Media Week kicks off.
Irish Times. Measurement Conference coverage.
Irish Times. More coverage of the Masurement Conference.

February 2016
Irish Times. Running your own business, holidays are optional.

April 2014
Irish Independent. Why we mourn celebrities deaths.

March 2014
Irish Independent. The story of Vine.
Irish Independent. Radio review.

May 2013
Silicon Republic. Student bootcamp.

July 2012.
Irish Times. How to lose friends and alienate people.
Irish Independent. You gotta get yourself connected.

April 2012
Irish Times. Can you make a living from YouTube?

March 2012
Irish Times. Enter the social media space at your peril.

February 2012
Irish Times. Measurement Conference. How to win friends and influence people on social media.
September 2011
Irish Times. Why we’re now a visual culture.

July 2011
Irish Times. When good tweets go bad.
Irish Times. Don’t get mad, get tweeting.

April 2011
Irish Times. My holidays.

March 2011
Silicon Republic. Launch of the Social Media Awards.

February 2011
Irish Independent. Virtual superstars.
Irish Times. Twitter retweets.

January 2011
Silicon Republic. Teen Digital Survey.

July 2010.
Search Engine Journal. Link popularity.

February 2010
Irish Times. Website that cost state €4M shut down.
January 2010
Irish Times. Google and censorship.
Irish Independent. Happy Birthday YouTube.

December 2009
Irish Times. Networking in the old fashioned way.

September 2009.
Irish Times. Making friendships really pay.

July 2009
Irish Times. People ignore Google ads. Study by Mulley Comms.
Silicon Republic. Eye tracking research results.

June 2009.
Irish Times. Leaving Cert paper leaked on Twitter.

January 2009
Irish Independent. Facebook users double in a year.
Silicon Republic. Facebook growth rate in Ireland.

December 2008.
Irish Times. iPhone survey.
“Mulley Communications is a new consultancy founded by internet commentator and blogger Damien Mulley.” Awww.
Silicon Republic. iPhone Survey.

August 2008
Silicon Republic. Twitter stops SMS.

May 2008
Irish Independent. Nosy blogger hacks into data commissioner site.
Irish Independent. Generation N.
Irish Independent. Avoid business blogging blunders.

August 2006
Silicon Republic. Launch of PoliticsInIreland.
Silicon Republic. Launch of the Irish Blog Awards.