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Media/PR Guides

I first got experience doing press and media when I was in IrelandOffline and back then doing press releases and live interviews was clunky and terrifying. From blogging I got a job in the Sunday Tribune so I saw the other side of doing press releases. I really like doing press releases and media and still do radio interviews a few times a month. Here is a list of media appearances I’ve done in the past 15 years.

Media and PR Guides

Pitching to the media – What the media would like from you. 2021. Here I asked a set of questions to people that work in print and online in Ireland. There are some very insightful bits here on what you need when pitching to a media person.

An earlier version of this from 2009. Building relationships with journalists. This came from polling some journalists and also my experience from pitching to journalists. Short summary: Do your homework, know what the journalists need from you or whether it is relevant. Give it to them and step back and give them space.

Online PR – Working with bloggers. This was from 2010 when blogging was huge and PR companies were doing a poor job of talking to bloggers. This still works well for people on Instagram.TikTok etc.

Online PR – Crisis Communications. This is also from 2010 and was based on my experiences of crisis communications for and Recruit Ireland. We were more in control of the narrative for Recruit Ireland as we had a statement ready to go so the coverage was about a data breach and not a hack. Sadly a employee leaked the details to the press ahead of a statement being released to the media so “hack” was the phrase used. This is still a very valid guide over a decade later. As for the Pork Dioxin crisis, this all started because a state employee emailed the details to an RTÉ journalist instead of another state employee with a similar name. Stay paranoid, you don’t know how a crisis can be sparked. The Wikipedia entry on it was created specifically to direct attention to a neutral controlled space.

Another from 2010. Online Communications guidelines/philosophy for interacting online. Twitter has changed this a lot but these truths still hold true.

Media Training Workshops

Here are some of the media training workshops I’ve done over the years.

The one that started it all. Online PR Course/Workshop – January 23rd 2009 in Dublin. This was a test workshop but it went really well. This was the breakdown for the course.

This is a much better breakdown of the course that I use for the courses these days.

Modern PR Workshop/Training – Mostly suited for startups 2012.