Online PR Course/Workshop – January 23rd 2009 in Dublin

So finally a venue has been booked and a new date for this Online PR Course I’ve been promising for too long.

Details: It’s now Saturday January 23rd in The Radisson Blue Golden Lane in Dublin. Swift Suite No. 2.
Go right and up the stairs as you walk in. We’ll start around 1030am, break for lunch and see can we finish around 4pm.

Please note this course is not free, as such. Those that take part in the course will have to make public some of what they learned on it. Or pay a fee of a billion dollars! Be it via a post on a blog, a few takeaways on Twitter, Facebook Note, a powerpoint presentation they upload to Slideshare etc. This course is going to be used by me naturally to bugfix sections in order for me to launch a commercial Online PR course but I want to spread good information as far as possible so I’d like those taking part to inform as many people as possible about best practices.

There are about 30 spaces on this course. Those from this initial list have first refusal. If they leave their name in the comment here as a confirm I’ll add them to the list. Those who left comments on this other post (in order of timing) will have second refusal of the remaining places. For those that don’t make the cutoff, the notes will be available to everyone.

I’ll do another post in a bit on what the course will cover. Feel free to blog and tweet and telegram this to your friends.

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