Digital Marketing Training Courses

Small class size, high quality training

Mulley Comms provides many digital marketing training courses run by Damien Mulley and others. You can show your interest for a training course by filling in this form.

Digital Marketing Training courses we offer (just some of them)

Customised Digital Marketing Training Courses

A lot of courses run by Mulley Comms are done in-house and are tailored for a specific group. Hybrid courses of the above or other topics can be done. There is a lot of interest in revenue generation and lead generation workshops as well as creating content for Social Media too. Whatever you’d like, we can probably do for you.

We are going back through all the courses we’re offering and we’re slowing rewriting and reorganising.

The main courses we’re offering from this year on are:

  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Twitter for Business
  • Facebook for Business
  • LinkedIn for Business
  • Instagram for Business
  • Snapchat for Business
  • Lead Generation Using Social Media

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