Google Adwords (Advertising) Training Course

  • Date: 9.15am until 12.45pm, May 26th 2014
  • Location: Temple Bar Hotel.
  • Price: Book by May 16th for €147 or €167 after.
  • Ability Level: For those have Google Ads accounts but want to know how to use them efficiently.
  • You can book the course now.

Your trainer is Joanne Casey from Glowmetrics and she receives very high ratings on her courses.

After attending this course you’ll have

  • A clear understanding of the targeting options and settings available in Google Adwords
  • A view of the international search market if you are considering entering into markets outside Ireland
  • A demonstration of how you can conduct smart keyword research
  • Tips on how to write compelling ad copy that customers will want to click on
  • Guidelines on how to optimise landing pages
  • An overview of the Google Display Network
  • Strategies on how to best measure and enhance campaign performance.

This training session is more practical than theory so don’t forget to bring your laptop and get ready for plenty of brain food!

More detail

CPM, CPA, CTR, Maximum CPC, Actual CPC, CRO, Quality Score, VTC…the list goes on and if this is double Dutch to you then don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Running a Google Adwords campaign can sometimes feel like you’ve just walked into a minefield yet understanding and knowing how to improve these metrics is key to running a successful paid search campaign.
Maybe you have an Adwords Account but have a feeling you aren’t getting the most from it or maybe you want to drive more traffic to you website but don’t know where to start? In this training course we’ll be looking at how businesses can run an effective paid search campaign on Google to drive traffic and ultimately revenue.

We’ll start by having a quick look at the current state of the paid search marketplace before we log into the interface and begin to build well thought-out campaigns, taking into consideration keywords, ad copy, landing pages and Display Network opportunities. Once we’ve the campaigns set-up we’ll then finish with understanding how to best track and review performance so you can execute a range of optimisation tactics to boost ROI.

Date and location: May 26th 2014, Temple Bar Hotel, Dublin
Price: Book by May 16th for €147 or €167 after the 16th.
Book now.
Ability Level: For those have Google Ads accounts but want to know how to use them efficiently.