Digital Strategy Report

Digital Strategy Report

This is a digital marketing strategy report for your business or organisation. This is a detailed and expensive report that goes into great detail about your own business/organisation as well as that of your competitors. It will tell you what you need to be the best at digital and how to surpass the others.

More about the Digital Strategy Report

This is a report, it’s sometimes between 15 to 30 pages long, and it goes into great detail about what your company or your organisation should be doing digitally.

So what normally happens is, I’ll ask you a couple of questions in advance, and it will have a Skype/Zoom/Google session with your team or I can come in and meet up, and for an hour or two, I’ll go through questions. And those questions will be about your organization and how its structured about your services and your offerings, about how you understand your customers, and we can figure out who those customers are we figure out the wants and needs of those customers.

I will then go off, and I’ll evaluate all your digital marketing and your digital channels, I will also analyze your competitors and see how well they’re doing on Google search and other spaces like Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram. And then I make a bunch of recommendations on what you should be doing, and I’ll give examples of things that are doing well for other organizations that you might want to try yourself, then I’ll come back and I can present that report in person, or over zoom. Then based on your feedback and based on your resources I can refine that report.

And so what we do is we’ve created a plan. And we’ve created a set of actionable objectives that you can carry over yourself, or bring in outsiders to deal with. From that, then you should have a nice plan that won’t sit on a shelf, but it is a living document that you will use to improve all aspects of your digital channels and your marketing.

Typical Table of Contents for a Digital Strategy Report

Table of Contents 1
Executive Summary 2
Recommendations 2
Client Website 3
Search Engine Optimisation 3
Website Design 10
Google Maps 12
Website Recommendations: 13
Client Twitter 14
Twitter Recommendations 16
Client Facebook 17
Facebook Recommendations 22
Use of Video 23
Video Recommendations 25
Client Linkedin 26
Client Instagram 27
Instagram Recommendations 28
Appendix 29
Twitter Lists 29
Hashtags 29
Facebook Ads – Job Titles 30
Search Optimisation Keywords 30