Digital Marketing and Social Media Guides and Resources

Social Media Guides and Resources

I’ve written hundreds of articles and dozens of guides on social and digital over the years. Here are a good number of them. Some are probably a bit old and out of date though.

Digital Tools.
A rough scorecard for online engagement.
Adding Video Captions: Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram.
Communications checklist for companies.
Force Multipliers, Facebook and PR – How to influence everything.
Giving away our Online Marketing Documentation.
How to Advertise Locally on Facebook and Instagram.
How to mass add people to Twitter Lists 2021.
Local Advertising on Facebook and Instagram – a quick guide.
Snapchat – A 2017 Guide.
Social Media Marketing – What is it?
TikTok Strategy.
Using AI for Digital Marketing.
Using Snapchat Maps to market your local business.
Your Communications and Marketing Calendar.
Your Content Marketing Checklist.
Your Digital/Social Media Scorecard.
Digital Marketing Plan.