Using AI for Digital Marketing

The below copy was made by some AI content software. The text was slightly moved around or some bits deleted. Every paragraph or so it got you to add a sentence or a few words and then it created another paragraph.

The prompting line was:

To really make digital marketing work for organisations and companies, you need to have a digital marketing plan in place and only when you define your strategy will this work for you.

Digital Marketing for a Small Business

A digital marketing strategy for small businesses is a set of guidelines to help you choose the best tactics and strategies based on your goals.

For a strategy to work you then need to understand your own business, understand your customers and then create content both organic and paid to get the attention of these potential customers. The ideal of course is all of this, once designed, can be automated.

A digital marketing strategy is important for any business, but you need to understand what your goals are and then create content both organic and paid. What’s really important though is automating this as much as possible.

  • Understand the audience of who will be reading your content
  • Understand your own company and services
  • Understand your competition
  • Create content that is both organic and paid
  • Understand the customer journey
  • Understand your goals and create a digital marketing strategy to help you achieve these.

A successful digital marketing plan should have three steps in it: content creation, distribution and then finally measurement of success.

  • The first step is about understanding who will be reading this blog post. It’s important that the information is easy to understand and is achievable for a novice.
  • The second step in a digital marketing plan is distribution. The more platforms you have to put your content on, the better off you are.
  • The third step is measurement of success – this will be different depending on what kind of business you are running but it’s still important for companies of all shapes and sizes to have objectives or KPIs that can be measured and since this is digital, it can be measured.
  • The final step in a digital marketing plan for small businesses is the continual process of monitoring how it is working and then making small tweaks as you go along so you are always improving and adapting to the digital marketing landscape.

Continually monitor how well it is working and make small tweaks as you go along so that you are always improving your strategy and adapting to any changes in the digital marketing world.

You should also have a plan on what to do if, for some reason, things don’t work out as you had planned or expected. Plan for the unexpected. Plan for those unknown unknowns of digital.

You should also be sure to have your digital marketing strategy in writing and put it on file so that you always know where you are, what’s happening with the strategies, how they’re performing.

You also need to make sure that everyone is bought into the strategy and that you have the resources to execute this.

You should always have the end goal in mind and be sure that you’re not sacrificing this for an immediate reward. This long-term planning will help ensure that your digital marketing strategy is successful, effective, and productive.

Make sure to offer a customer service level or experience as well so that people know what they can expect from you and then you can wow them by going above and beyond this and so exceeding those expectations.

You also want to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is comprehensive and covers everything you need it to do.