Mulley Communications

Hello, I’m Damien and I run Mulley Communications. Mulley Communications do three things very well:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Training
  3. Events

1. Digital Marketing/Social Media Consultancy

I do Digital Marketing Strategy consultancy that helps you with your overall business, not just your digital Marketing/Social Media/PR. As per the top line up there: I help make others successful.

I will create a Digital Strategy Report on your company and competitors.


  1. We chat.
  2. Work with you on what your business objectives are.
  3. Align these business objectives to your digital.
  4. Devise social/digital metrics aligned to business objectives.
  5. Provide a draft plan to you after which you weigh up costs/benefits.
  6. Devise a final digital strategy that best fits your company/resources.

Maybe after reading these steps, you can figure it out yourself now? Great! Let me know how it goes. Or have a look at my digital marketing/social media services here.

An interesting thing about this: Normally when you bring me in to consult on your digital marketing, we end up broadening the work to overall marketing + comms and the way your organisation works as a business. Digital marketing needs to be a core part overall business and reflect your main business objectives.

In terms of consultancy what I do is help companies on their marketing and comms strategies, I help with market research on whether their products will work, creating media plans on how to get quality media attention. We’re a group that likes to help businesses, groups and individuals get better at communicating, mainly using online resources like your own website, blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online tools. AKA, we make you strong on the Internet. There is also a 50 minute mentoring option. Other services that I/we do.

2. I give training courses in all forms of Digital Marketing/Social Media:

Currently, the areas in which I do training:

If you are interested in finding out about my next training classes, fill in this form. (You will not be added to a spam list) or look at the list of all our training courses.

3. I help run Digital/Social/eCommerce events

Our events:

  1. SME Awards
  2. Web Awards
  3. Sockies/Social Media Awards
  4. eCommerce Awards
  5. conference.

All of the events are fun and slightly irreverent. Oh, and also affordable.

Give me a call or email (email is best way to make contact) and I can see if there’s a way to help you be even better. Some media coverage through the years.

We are not an award winning company, we are award giving

We set the standards in digital and social awards in Ireland. Every year we research and create new categories that others then copy. There wasn’t blog, social media, app categpries in awards shows in Ireland until we did them. We created the original Blog Awards (now copied twice and badly), the Web Awards, the Social Media Awards, the Cork Digital Marketing Awards. None of our award shows are pay to play i.e. sponsors don’t win prizes.

How I work

Sorry, but I don’t work with political parties or multi-national alcohol companies. If you want me to speak at an event then you will need to have a gender balance close to 50:50 and he probably won’t speak about the very broad topic of digital marketing/social media. Specific areas are fine.

Contact Mulley Comms:

Email is one of the better ways to get in touch. You can email me, Damien on Filling in this quick form will make things faster for both of us.

Or my mobile is 086 825 8586 (but I’m always in meetings or training sessions so it’s rarely answered). “We” are Damien Mulley and a team of highly talented trainers and consultants.

If you want to know about new courses, events and whatnots, we have a mailing list that we don’t update as much as we should:

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Free Training documentation

I give away our training documentation, so why not download the online marketing documents for free and see what you can do yourself? You can now download our Facebook for Business documentation, Online Marketing Plan and our LinkedIn Training document.


Our latest research on Irish Teenagers who smoke is here. Teenagers and mobile use of Facebook. Our research on Teenagers use of digital media is here. Our survey on Facebook Usage is here. Our Google Eyetracking survey helps you understand how people look at search results. Our iPhone survey is a bit old now but still relevant!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital platforms, including websites, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, is the using of these properties to market your business or your organization. It’s knowing how to rank your website in the legs of Google is knowing how to post off in the proper social networks or social networking spaces. It’s knowing how to time that how to use the right keywords and how to have the right offerings for people.

Today, in 2020 and beyond. Everyone has a mobile phone, everyone is on social media in some sort of way, everyone is using their phone to find stuff, and pretty soon everyone’s going to be asking their phones to find stuff for them. Digital Marketing is knowing all of this, seeing what’s coming down the road, and putting plans or strategies together for that.

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

Well, this is a very long answer. it’s a multi step process, you need to know about your business really, and who your business is for. What are your customers, what are their interests. Find out where they are, create content that gets them to engage with you, and then start running ads or creating content for those people. And then part of that strategy is measuring the returns and amending your strategy as you go. So changing tactics for example.

Why are you passionate about digital marketing?

because it’s fun. And it’s ever changing. And you can see results in digital marketing really quickly, so if you run an ad campaign, you can see the results within a couple of minutes. A lot of the time, or if you’re doing search optimization might take a couple of weeks but you could see a website go from 10th on Google to second on Google or first on Google. So it’s fun. And also it isn’t boring because it’s always changing. There’s always new products from the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Tick Tock is blowing up new Snapchat too. So it’s good if you want to something that never changes. And isn’t challenging then digital marketing is probably not for you.

How to allocate budget for digital marketing?

The best way of allocating budgets, is to see what you want to get out of digital marketing, and where you want to get the best results.So, if you’re marketing on LinkedIn, then the cost of those ads might be expensive or the time put in by a person to use it could be expensive to. But the type of businesses that you get or the business that you get can be very very valuable. So it’s all to do with what you put in, and what you get out, and you should always look at it from, how many times more you get out the new put in. So if you’re putting in 100 euros worth of budget into something and you’re getting 120 euros of value sales from.

That’s not good enough. But he put 50 euros into the likes of Instagram, and you’re generating 500 euros worth of business. And that’s maybe where you allocate your budget. One of the things in digital marketing is a mantra, or phrase known as fail fast fail cheap. So what you could do is you could push a small group purchase into all the various platforms, you could do Google Ads Instagram ads Facebook ads you spend a little bit on creating content. And then measure what you get back from those spaces, so you know what gives you the best value. Therefore, you could allocate 80% of your marketing budget to one thing. Or you could split it into even pieces, so five spaces is 20% budget each.

how to promote business through digital marketing.

This again is understanding your customers and your potential customers, and where they are in digital and social and designing a campaign for them to reach them using the proper language that they respond to have the proper offerings as well. Probably that is the best way to promote business truth digital marketing,

How to start a digital marketing agency?

Very simple answer. You start. You just need to know what you’re doing. You need to know, and you need to have a very good accountant. And you have to have people, or maybe it’s just yourself, but you need to be very good at what you do, especially when you’re starting, you need to make an impact is digital marketing a good job. It can be any job can be a good job. If you’re looked after, if you’re paid well. If you’re given time off, if you’re given time to be creative. What are leads in Digital Marketing Leads digital marketing or qualified leads are, for example, you create a website, and you optimize this, so it gets found in Google. Then someone does a Google search. They find your website. They look at your website and there’s a form on your website and they fill in details in the forum because they want more information. So that could be a lead. Or it could be through an Instagram ad, you’re advertising something a new product for a client or for yourself, people click on through. To find out more, or download a brochure.

What can you do with a digital marketing degree?

Well, everyone, every company seems to want someone that knows their way around digital marketing now. So which communications are true a phone or computer screen. So, digital marketing person can pretty much work in any industry, and in any company size as a small company they can actually make a very large impact on what they’re doing. If they’re good at what they do. So, there’s so many things you can do with digital marketing and digital marketing degree. If you need a digital marketing degree. A lot of time. You don’t need a degree and spending an awful lot of time doing a degree seems. I don’t know, it could be a waste of money, and a waste of time, that if you’re smart and you know the the area, which is changing so quickly that a degree can catch up. If you just know your stuff, then you can probably do better than someone that comes out with a digital marketing degree, based on content that’s no five or even 10 years old.

Nothing to see here, no no.,,, Ssssh.