Your Content Marketing Checklist – 2017

A Content Evaluation Checklist of this is available too.

66 things to check about your content on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram

This is just meant to be a way to quickly evaluate how well you are using your content in various digital spaces.

Website Content Evaluation

Do you have a keyword plan, do you know what keywords you want to rank for? ☐
Where are you ranking on search engines for these keywords?   __________
Are you fully using Titles and Descriptions? ☐
Are you using Open Graph Meta Tags for display in Twitter, Facebook? ☐
Are your Pages/Blog Posts 500 words in length or more? ☐
Are your using Headers correctly? ☐
Are you getting good links to your Pages? ☐

Free Ahrefs rank tool can tell you where you rank. Ahrefs backlink checker tells you who links to you. Ubersuggest keyword generator.

Twitter Content Evaluation

Do you have the right keywords in your bio, does it have links? ☐
Do you know the Reach of an individual tweet? ☐
Are your scheduling your content and reusing it? ☐
Do you know what the best times are to publish? ☐
Do you know which hashtags will get you quality traffic? ☐
Are you generating leads from Twitter? ☐
Do you have a database of good content you can reuse? ☐

Twitter Analytics will give you stats on reach and performance. Tweetdeck will do scheduling for you. Followerwonk will tell you when your followers are online.

Facebook Content Evaluation

Are you comparing your updates to competitors? ☐
Do you know what content gets the best engagement? ☐
Do you have a database of good content (links, images, vids) you can reuse? ☐
Are you boosting good content? ☐
Are you using video? ☐
Are you using captions on videos? ☐
Are you using FB to send you website traffic. How much are you getting? ☐
Do you know the best times to post? ☐

Instagram Content Evaluation

Have you analytics installed? ☐
Do you know the average views on your content and best times to post? ☐
Do you have a “style/look” for your Instagram updates? ☐
Do you have a link in your Bio? How much traffic does it generate? ☐
Do you have a list of useful hashtags to use? ☐
Are you posting your hashtags in the comments, not in the update? ☐
Are you using apps like Snapseed to improve photos? ☐

How to enable and use Instagram Analytics. Display Purposes hashtag generator.

Snapchat Content Evaluation

Have you an easy to remember username? ☐
Are your settings on public? ☐
Are you sharing your Snapcode at events and online for growth? ☐
Are you using Snapchat Maps and Our Story? ☐
Have you added yourself to Snapchat Maps? ☐
Have you created Geofilters? ☐

LinkedIn Content Evaluation

Do you have a keyword plan for your Profile? ☐
Are you using your Headline properly? ☐
Do you have a good Profile photo? ☐
Do you have a Business Page with good keywords? ☐
Do you know the best times to post updates? ☐
Are you posting with settings at Public? ☐
Are you using LinkedIn Pulse to publish content? ☐
Are you using videos and are you captioning them? ☐

YouTube Content Evaluation

Do you have an easy to remember Channel name? ☐
Do you have a keyword plan for YouTube? ☐
Are you using Video names and Descriptions properly? ☐
Are you using Categories? ☐
Are you linking out from your videos? ☐
Do you have a professional thumbnail for your videos? ☐
Are you captioning your videos?
Do you know your video stats?  ☐

Email Content Evaluation

Are you using a mailing service that’s whitelisted? ☐
Do you send newsletters on a regular basis? ☐
Are you using segmentation? ☐
Do you know your Open Rate? ☐
Do you A/B Test your subject lines? ☐
Do you have a database of content to use for mailers? ☐

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