Using Snapchat Maps to market your local business or event

Using Snapchat Maps to market your local business

PDF Version of this guide. The latest update from Snapchat sees the addition of maps. You can now share your updates on to these maps and the public will be able to see them as listed events or hotspots.

Shandon Festival on Snapchat

Up to now Snapchat had a couple of options to widen your audience, one of these was creating Shared Stories or Geofenced Stories. What it meant though is that only friends of friends at most could see them so still restricted.

Adding your Snaps to the Map

In the main Snap screen, pinch the screen and the map appears. On it you will see your friends if they’d opted in to being seen. Note, you opt in to maps, you will not be shown by default on them.  You can opt in to be seen by Friends, a subset of Friends or choose Ghost and nobody sees you but you can see them.

Snapchat Maps

Use Our Story when sharing your updates

The Our Story option for sharing has been on Snapchat for a while but it only kicked in properly when there was an event on that Snapchat would curate e.g. Music Festival

Snapchat Our Story


Now when you add a snap to Our Story it gets shared on the map for your local area.

The public will see your Snap, depending on your location and timing. This is how the public sees your Snap, as you can see your username is removed. Location is still iffy.

Snapchat Public Story


Stats – the numbers are good

In quick tests, the viewing numbers when you add a Snap to Our Story/Maps you get really good numbers in a short amount of time. This could increase or decrease though. Decrease as more content means less people see your stuff or increase as more people start using Snapchat Maps as they update their Snapchat app

Snapchat Story Stats


Adding your business to Snapchat Maps

Adding content to Our Story is one thing with Snapchat Maps but you can also get your business listed on the maps if it’s not there or amended if it is but is inaccurate. I have a feeling they’ll do way more with this in time.

Snapchat Map Listing


Snapchat uses OSM (Open Street Map) and Factual to get the map data. You can add your business by going here: You can add the name and other details but not add any marketing phrases.

Overall Snapchat Map Tips:

  • Your username is not shown on Our Story so add that to your Snaps.
  • Encourage those at your location to share into Our Story too.
  • Have your Snapcode for your account on display at your location.
  • Make sure your business is listed on the Map using Open Street Map.