Writing Content for Social Media – Workshop

Content Creation for the Web and Social Media

Location and price:
The next workshop is on May 28th in Dublin City Centre from 1.15pm until 5pm. Book your place by May 16th for €147 or after for €167.

  • Why is it more people share stories from Churnal type publications than the Indo, even though the Times/Indo/Examiner are the original source?
  • Did you know Facebook and Twitter are responsible for 70% of traffic to some websites? What happened to you Google?
  • In some media companies, the SEO people are now telling the journalists what to write. Why?

This interactive workshop (Bring your laptop) will go through rough and ready ways (fuck style guides) to craft content that gets found, clicked and shared by people on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Google. If you want more traffic to your website from Facebook and Twitter, want more people following you on those social networks and want your name seen on a more regular basis, this course is for you. Or if you don’t want to attend, just read this from Upworthy.

Your trainer is Damien Mulley who has lots of experience of writing things online that gets a lot of attention. (Ask him to show you his framed takedown letters from lawyers).

Workshop breakdown:

1. What search engines like

How search optimisation works. Getting your article structure right in order to be found. Using keyword tools to find the best keywords to use. Creating event holder pages.

2. Writing headlines for the web, mobile and social media

What headlines work best for the Web, Mobile, Facebook and Twitter. How Upworthy, the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed get you to click and share. Writing your Tweets/Facebook updates first, then building out your article

3. Practical

Creating test articles with test headlines and evaluation from the group. Working with a team to create article templates and systems. (This is where I go on my cigarette break, though I don’t smoke)

4. Evaluating the impact of your articles

Using analytics tools like Google Analytics, bit.ly, Facebook Insights and Twitter tools

It might be good to bring two or more from your team along to this so you can work together on creating content. It also obviously means more money for me. This workshop can be done in-house too if you don’t want to share your experience/secrets with anyone else on the course.

The next workshop is on May 28th in Dublin City Centre from 1.15pm until 5pm. Book your place by May 16th for €147 or after for €167.

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