Lead Generation using digital and social

Lead Generation: Finding, connecting, collecting – February 11th 2015

(Feb 5th update: 3 places left)

The next half day Lead Generation workshop will be at 1.30pm on February 11th with Damien Mulley as your trainer.

Date: Wednesday February 11th 2015
Price: €147 if you pay by February 4th, €167 after February 6th. Full payment in advance. There are max 9 spaces for this workshop.
Location: Dublin City Centre.

After attending this half day workshop you will be able to:

  • Use your website or a webpage to get names, emails and phone numbers of people interested in your product or service.
  • Use LinkedIn to find leads, connect with them and then do something with those connections.
  • Use Twitter and Twitter cards to find leads and then do something with those leads.

Book this workshop now to gather more leads and get more customers.

I’ve done sessions on using websites, forms, landing pages, LinkedIn and Twitter to find potential customers, connect with them and get their details while respecting data protection laws. I’ve run this course and variations of it for sales and marketing teams of large and small businesses with the aim of it aiding your sales. This however is not a “How to do sales online” course as I’d need to go over how you should do sales which will take much longer than a half day.

There are three main parts to this workshop:

    Lead generation via your website – Search optimisation (SEO), Forms and Landing Pages
    Lead Generation with LinkedIn – Finding, connecting, using your connections
    Lead Generation with Twitter – Finding, connecting, Twitter cards for collecting

Sorry we won’t cover lead gen with Facebook, it can be done but it’s a pain in the hole.

And all done within data laws and done in a non-assholey way. And not a sales funnel in sight.

If you’re interested in this workshop, book it now.