Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop

Digital Marketing Strategy Training Workshops – Cork and Dublin

Price: €295 early bird, €350 full price.

The idea of this workshop is to focus your resources into making digital marketing work better for you and give you a living document that can be given to others to execute on your behalf.

Maximum 9 places on this course so everyone gets proper attention.

After doing this this course you will have:

  • A greater insight into where you fit in the digital marketing landscape
  • A better understanding of customer types and their motivations
  • A more critical eye on what business metrics are important

Note: This course goes from the fundamentals of digital strategy to developing an advanced strategy.

This is a breakdown of the workshop and what we’ll do:

Digital Check-up
We evaluate your existing use of digital

Define your customer(s)
This is probably the most important bit and it can take time for some to figure this out if they’ve not done it before. For example, identical twin women both married also to identical twins, both with two kids, both want to buy printers. But one is in a a neighbourhood group and just wants to print lots of flyers. The other wants a printer to print off the family photos to give them to relations. Same demographic but different motivations and you need to market to them differently.

Define your objectives
Do you want more people to know about you? Do you want to make more money per customer? Do you want to get better feedback. Are there bullshit metrics that you were given that you have to meet but you also want to have your own objectives?

Messaging/Create Content
What you say based on who your customers are and what their motivations are. One of the sistes above wants a colour printer for photos. Is it price she looks at more than anything? What are her worries about buying this?

Create a Messaging Calendar
When to send out your content and making sure it doesn’t clash.

Define your Measurements
Engagement, reach, link clicks, conversion rate. What works for you?

Execute your Plan
Press the button, time to go live

One to One Mentoring Sessions
We can do one to one skype sessions or in-person sessions.

Who should attend:

About your trainer: