Twitter for Business – Advanced Workshop

October 13th, afternoon, Temple Bar, Dublin. Early Bird price is €147 before October 6th. Limited places. Book a place now.

Do you want Twitter to generate revenue and/or leads for you? Do you want to be seen as present on Twitter all week but don’t want to sit on it all day to get those leads? Do you want to see if your in-house or your agency’s strategy works? Get booking so.

For us, Twitter has been the best tool for getting sign ups to training courses. Twitter generates a good deal of revenue for us but the route is indirect. It works something like this:

  • Tweet out interesting things at the best times.
  • In between those interesting things, do data capture. (We populate our Mailing List and Interest list using Twitter)
  • Create segmented mailing lists that we send mails out to e.g. People in Dublin interested in Google Analytics.
  • Send mailshots directing people to the website and get course purchases from there.
  • Repeat.

What this workshop will do

    • Show you how to gain the right followers, have potential customers follow you.
    • Automate your marketing on Twitter to free up your time to do other things.
    • Have a Lead Generation plan for Twitter using Twitter cards. I’ve gotten 100s of leads from them.
    • Analyse how well you’re doing using Twitter’s own analytics tool.
    • Examples of Twitter PR campaigns we ran that got national attention.
    • Evaluate whether Twitter Ads are for you.

Click here to guarantee your place for the early bird price of €147. Full price is €167 after october 6th.

About your trainer:
Forget all that guru and ninja nonsense, Damien is someone that’s been on Twitter from the start, knows how to genuinely make it work for a business without pulling follower generation scams or begging for Retweets. There aren’t tricks, the secret to getting business on Twitter is to treat Twitter like a business tool. Yup, that simple and you’ll be shown exactly what to do.

About Mulley Communications:
Our mantra is “Make Others Successful”. With this course we want to make Twitter work for you and to really aid your business or organisation.

Example of new Twitter stats:

Twitter stats for Damien Mulley