Course: Snapchat for Business – Training Workshop

Snapchat Business Course
For some the idea of a Snapchat business course is probably the signal of the end of society. Saw the same thing with Twitter and with Facebook before it. Adapt or die.

Snapchat for Business Training Course

As of August 2016, 28% of all Irish adults have a Snapchat account and 67% of them are on it daily. Snapchat is now bigger than Twitter in Ireland and around the world and the majority of those using it are under 30. This workshop tells you what your business or organisation can do with it.


Find out if Snapchat is right for your business or organisation and see why this is the number 1 digital space for those under 30 while remembering this generation won’t always be under 30.


What is Snapchat and what can it for for my business/org?
How to set up Snapchat and find friends
The basics of how to use Snapchat, Snapchat Discover, Snapchat Stories
Content creation on Snapchat when your content lasts maximum 24 hours
Devising a Snapchat growth and influence strategy

This is a practical workshop. All those attending will need to have smartphones with the Snapchat app pre-installed.

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