That free Online PR Workshop (maybe more than one)

Ages and ages and ages ago, in a Galaxy far far away I committed to do an Online PR Workshop and then time ran out for me and time is still not back. Instead of doing this in August 09 I’ve not got time to do it until January 2010 instead. Saturday January 9th to be exact. At least I’ve stuck the date in the diary. Whoever signed up for this workshop can still avail. If anyone else wants to come along if someone gives up their space or for a second workshop then leave their name here or on the Facebook Page for Online PR in Ireland.

Please do note that this is a test/beta workshop. You’re the guinea pigs!

35 thoughts on “That free Online PR Workshop (maybe more than one)”

  1. What is it with me and clashing dates? In Scotland on 09 January, but would certainly volunteer as a guinea pig / trouble maker for a second workshop, as long as it’s not a million miles away from Cork.

    I’m like the Murphy’s, I don’t travel so well ;-).

    Best of luck with it Damien.


  2. Yes, would like to come to either workshop – if a place opens up on the first or the second when it happens. Yours from a sodden and heavily flooded Wesht Cork. Where will it/them all be happening?
    Claire G

  3. Hi Damien,

    Just wondering where is this course taking place? My name is down for it

  4. I also would like to attend the workshop if there’s a space. If there’s a waiting list, please add me to it.

    Thanks Damien.

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