Social Media Mastery for Irish Small Businesses and Organisations

Social Media Mastery for Irish Small Businesses and Organisations

Social Media Mastery for Business

Location: Online via Zoom or Teams

Social Media Mastery for Irish Small Businesses and Organisations is a comprehensive and practical online or in-person course designed to guide businesses in utilising social media platforms effectively. 

The course delves into the demographics of popular platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok—and helps participants identify the best platforms based on their objectives. It provides in-depth instruction on crafting engaging content, adapting it for different platforms, and utilising platform-specific strategies.

 Businesses will also learn how to use social media analytics to measure success and engage with customers. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical examples, participants will come away with valuable skills for their business. The course aims to empower Irish small businesses and organisations to leverage the power of social media for growth and customer engagement.

Section 1: Social Media overview

  • 1.1 Social Media Demographics
  • 1.2 Who’s Using What: An In-Depth Look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok
  • 1.3 Irish Specific Demographics & Trends
  • 1.4 How Demographics Inform Your Social Media Strategy

Section 2: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

  • 2.1 Determining Your Business Objectives
  • 2.2 Matching Objectives to Platforms
  • 2.3 Assessing Your Resources: Time, Talent, Budget
  • 2.4 Evaluating the Pros & Cons of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok
  • 2.5 Case Studies: Irish Businesses Success Stories

Section 3: Crafting Effective Social Media Content

  • 3.1 Understanding Different Types of Content (Text, Image, Video, Stories)
  • 3.2 Adapting Content for Different Platforms
  • 3.3 Creating Engaging & Authentic Content
  • 3.4 How to Use Hashtags and Tags Effectively
  • 3.5 Introduction to Content Calendars
  • 3.6 Introduction to Social Media Management Tools


Section 4: Measuring Success on Social Media

  • 4.1 Importance of Social Media Analytics
  • 4.2 Key Metrics for Each Platform
  • 4.3 Using Analytics to Refine Your Strategy