Digital Marketing Trainers – 2014 list

First off, this is just a list, not an endorsed list. While I have worked with some here and admire their work, I cannot verify whether everyone is going to be good for you.

So if you’re looking for a trainer, ask them the following:

Questions to ask a Digital Marketing Trainer

Can they show you their training documentation?
Can they provide any references from those that attended?
Do they have examples of recent work they’ve done?

Digital Marketing Training Providers

Barry Hand – Handmade Marketing – Dublin
Aoife Rigney – Cork
Margaret Smith – Cork
Keith Bohanna – Kilkenny
Starling Digital – Denise Rush – Sligo
Benjamin Moore
Fiona Ashe
Sandra Hennessy – Tipperary

If you want on the list, Tweet me a link that lists your training services and that you want on the list. Nothing on the website about your training, no listing. I’m not linking when you don’t show online that you do training. This is a list of trainers that work for themselves, training companies can do their own promotion can’t you?

List updated February 2014

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