Not me

I’m happy to do paid gigs at conferences but it’s 2016 and it’s very uncomfortable to talk at these things where there is an obnoxious gender imbalance happening. There is no excuse for 80% male speakers at Irish events and certainly no excuse saying there are no women experts on digital marketing/social media or the bollox that women were invited but never got back. That’s just lazy. And/or lies. So I’ll just be linking to this when someone asks me to talk at a gig in 2016 and beyond.

The following is not a complete list of people that can speak as well on me on my areas of expertise but it’s a few alternatives to me and we can grow the list. *

Maryrose Lyons from Brightspark

Pauline Sargent – Social Zavvy

Eimear McCormack – BDifferent

Sabrina Dent