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What is a press release?

A press release is like a news story written by a business or organisation about something interesting they have done or will do. It’s a short document that gives the facts about an event or situation. Businesses send it out to newspapers, TV and radio stations, and websites to catch their attention. It’s also often shared on a company’s own website. It usually tells who, what, where, when, and why of the story, and might include things like quotes from important people in the company. The goal is to give reporters everything they need to write a story about it.

How much does it cost to have a press release written?

The cost of having a press release written can vary depending on the complexity, length, and the expertise of the writer. Prices can range from €500 to €1500 or more.

What are press release writing services?

Press release writing services involve professionals who specialise in crafting effective press releases. They help businesses and individuals create newsworthy content to announce events, product launches, or other relevant information to the media and the public.

Who can write my press release?

A professional copywriter or a PR agency experienced in press release writing can assist in crafting your press release. They possess the skills to create compelling and well-structured content that effectively communicates your message.

Where do I send a press release in Ireland?

In Ireland, you can send a press release to various media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and online news platforms. It is essential to research and identify the most relevant outlets that cater to your target audience. Here is a guide on pitching to the media.

How much do freelance writers charge for a press release?

Freelance writers’ rates for press releases can vary depending on their experience and expertise. On average, freelance writers may charge between £150 and £500 per press release, depending on the scope of work and the level of customisation required.

Can you publish your own press release?

Yes, you can publish your own press release. There are various online platforms and distribution services that allow individuals and businesses to distribute their press releases to a wide audience. However, it’s important to ensure that your press release follows proper guidelines and is newsworthy to increase its chances of being picked up by media outlets.

What not to write in a press release?

In a press release, it’s best to avoid using excessive promotional language, exaggerated claims, jargon, or technical terms that may confuse the readers. Additionally, it’s important to avoid irrelevant information and ensure the press release focuses on newsworthy and valuable content.

How many pages should a press release be?

Ideally, a press release should be kept to one page. It should be concise, clear, and provide all the essential information in a compelling manner. Longer press releases may lose the attention of journalists and editors.

How long does it take to write a press release?

The time required to write a press release can vary depending on the complexity of the topic, the availability of information, and the writer’s expertise. Generally, it can take a few hours to a couple of days to research, write, and edit a press release effectively.

What makes a press release bad?

Several factors can contribute to a bad press release. Some common issues include a lack of newsworthiness, poor writing quality, excessive promotional content, irrelevant or misleading information, errors or inconsistencies, and failure to follow proper formatting and style guidelines.

Why do press releases fail?

Press releases may fail to generate attention or interest if they lack a compelling angle, fail to target the right audience or media outlets, are poorly written, contain irrelevant or outdated information, or if they are not effectively distributed to the appropriate channels. Sending an email with an attachment with “see attachment” and nothing else is also a fail. Rambling, ranting press releases waste the time of a journalist too.

What are five rules when writing a press release?

Focus on newsworthiness and provide valuable information.
Keep it concise, clear, and well-structured within one page.
Use a captivating headline and opening paragraph to grab attention.
Provide relevant and reliable quotes to add credibility.
Proofread carefully for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors before distribution

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