iPhone Survey

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Please note this survey was from Dec 4, 2008

With thanks to Chris Byrne in SensorPro for designing the survey and everyone for answering it. Roughly 115 Irish people filled out this survey.

Irish iPhone users are highly loyal super-consumers who are immensely happy with their phone and 72% would recommend it to their friends. The vast majority have said their next phone will also be an iPhone despite battery life being an issue for 56% of users. Irish iPhone users use the device for email and the web on a very regular basis: 80% of owners surf the web more with this phone while close to 43% of users check their email on an hourly basis or even more frequently.

Users have also used the phone to buy more music and their purchasing habits have changed as a result with more impulse buying happening, possibly due to the fact the iPhone connected to iTunes makes buying and downloading music amazingly easy. In addition people are paying for applications to install on their phone and have spent on average €17 on applications in the past 6 months.

The iPhone proves that consumers will pay for music, applications and games on a phone and the amount Irish iPhone users are spending shows that future revenue streams for phone manufacturers and telcos will come in after the initial purchase of a device. Despite Irish phone users paying well above the EU average in revenue per unit in the EU, the iPhone shows they will spend even more.


115 responded

Type of iPhone:
72.5% 3G iPhone
27.5% Gen 1 iPhone (No 3G or GPS)

Type of iPhone

Bought the iPhone from o2 Ireland:
68% yes
32% no
Of the 32% who bought elsewhere, most either used eBay or bought it from an At&T or Apple store in America before Apple changed the buying rules. Now you have to sign a contract before you can buy an iPhone from AT&T or the Apple Store.

Bought the iPhone from o2 Ireland

How many have gone over the 1Gig cap from o2?

Previous phones owned by these people:
15% moved from a blackberry or another smart phone. Others came from midrange phones like the Sony Ericsson K800i or a phone from the Nokia 6 series range.

Is the iPhone your main phone:
Yes 94%

Do you use another phone on regular basis:
Yes 25%

How many will be moving to phone that is not iPhone in future?
58% Not moving
42% Yes

Moving to phone that is not iPhone in future

Will their next phone be an iPhone?
86% say yes

How many Jailbroken phone: (Jailbreaking an iPhone is against Apple policy but allows unofficial applications to be run on the phone)
34% say yes
66% no


Most desired feature on the iPhone:
30% copy and paste
25% better camera
MMS, radio, forwarding of messages, video

Favourite Application:
Twinkle 40%
Facebook 15%
Eirtext 10% (Eirtext is an Irish iPhone application to use the free web text messages from o2, Vodafone or Meteor)

How many applications downloaded:
Average 26
300+ for some
Minimum 3

Average amount of money spent buying applications:
€17 (The application store is only open 6 months)

Buy music with the phone from iTunes:
34% yes
66% no

Buy music with the phone from iTunes

Of the 34% – Changed your buying habits i.e. more impulse buying:
72% said yes

Surfing the web more:
80% say yes

Check email on phone:
7% never
50% Every few hours
18% Every hour
25% more than every hour

Check email on phone

Enough space on phone?
74% are happy

Battery life issue?
56% yes
44% No

Battery life issue

iPod use on phone?
50% all the time
45% some of the time
5% never

iPod use on phone

Typing messages?
4% less than five seconds
24.5% less than 10 seconds
29% less than 20 seconds
25% less than 30 seconds
17% more than 30 seconds

Typing messages

How many would recommend o2 iPhone to a friend?
72% say yes
28% no

Recommend o2 iPhone to a friend

Spending above contract price (going over limits):
56% yes
44% no

Spending above contract price