Social Media Limerick

I’ve done lots of work in Limerick over the years, working with local organisations there and doing training with the very progressive Local Enterprise Office.

Social Media Limerick

This page is for SMEs and businesses interested in using social media to help them with what they do. This website is run by Mulley Communications to help you with your social media for your business in Limerick from where you can easily reach the world.

Mulley Communications do training for Limerick companies and organisations and we run the Social Media Awards,Web Awards and eCommerce Awards. We’ve worked with many Limerick companies large and small and we’d like to work with you.

There are many things your business can look at from SEO with Google to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

How we’re different is that we’ve been doing this before social media had been given a name (Online Marketing became Web 2.0 became social media) and we’re not going to get you to partake in the latest unproven fad just because it’s new. Hi live streaming!

Social Media Management Services

We specialise in Social Media Management., ensuring that brands maintain a dynamic and engaging online presence. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and industry insights, we craft tailored strategies that resonate with target audiences, fostering growth and enhancing digital visibility. Whether you’re a budding business or an established entity, our expertise ensures your social media channels are not just active, but impactful.

Real social media experience

10 years experience dealing with 100s of businesses and giving over 10,000 hours of consultancy sure beats companies that give advice based on 0 years experience while live streaming to 8 of their buddies.

We’re going to help you make your social media even better

Evaluation of your social media

We can help create a report card and rank how well your Limerick business does with social media. Nobody to start with will make the A grade but for many it will be easy to bring you from failing to being a star pupil.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Training in Limerick

We can offer bespoke social media courses in Limerick including Facebook, SEO, Twitter and linkedIn with various business organisations. We also run a lot of our own courses and advertise them on our blog and Twitter. These include Facebook for Business, Twitter for Business and LinkedIn for business.

If you are interested in finding out about our next training classes in Limerick, fill in this form. (You will not be added to a spam list) or look at the list of all our training courses.

Developing your social media plan

You can spend all day long working on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc and get nothing out of it or you can spend a few short hours and have social media work for you. This normally happens when you’re very lucky or more often, when you’ve put a strategy together. When we work together on your social media plan, we can figure out who your customers are, what resources you need to reach them and the metrics you can use to measure how successful you’ve been.

Contact Mulley Comms:

Email is one of the better ways to get in touch. You can email me, Damien on Filling in this quick form will make things faster for both of us.

Or my mobile is 086 825 8586 (but I’m always in meetings or training sessions so it’s rarely answered). “We” are Damien Mulley and a team of highly talented trainers and consultants.

If you want to know about new courses, events and whatnots, we have a mailing list that we don’t update as much as we should:

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