Your Content Marketing Checklist

66 things to check with your digital content

A Content Evaluation Checklist of this is available too.

66 things to check about your content on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram

This is just meant to be a way to quickly evaluate how well you are using your content in various digital spaces.


Do you have a keyword plan, do you know what keywords you want to rank for? ☐
Where are you ranking on search engines for these keywords?   __________
Are you full using Titles and Descriptions? ☐
Are you using Open Graph Meta Tags for display in Twitter, Facebook? ☐
Are your Pages/Blog Posts 500 words in length or more? ☐
Are your using Headers correctly? ☐
Are you getting good links to your Pages? ☐


Do you have the right keywords in your bio, does it have links? ☐
Do you know the Reach of an individual tweet? ☐
Are your scheduling your content and reusing it? ☐
Do you know what the best times are to publish? ☐
Do you know which hashtags will get you quality traffic? ☐
Are you generating leads from Twitter? ☐
Do you have a database of good content you can reuse? ☐



Are you comparing your updates to competitors? ☐
Do you know what content gets the best engagement? ☐
Do you have a database of good content (links, images, vids) you can reuse? ☐
Are you boosting good content? ☐
Are you using video? ☐
Are you using captions on videos? ☐
Are you using FB to send you website traffic. How much are you getting? ☐
Do you know the best times to post? ☐


Have you analytics installed? ☐
Do you know the average views on your content and best times to post? ☐
Do you have a “style/look” for your Instagram updates? ☐
Do you have a link in your Bio? How much traffic does it generate? ☐
Do you have a list of useful hashtags to use? ☐
Are you posting your hashtags in the comments, not in the update? ☐
Are you using apps like Snapseed to improve photos? ☐


Have you an easy to remember username? ☐
Are your settings on public? ☐
Are you sharing your Snapcode at events and online for growth? ☐
Are you using Snapchat Maps and Our Story? ☐
Have you added yourself to Snapchat Maps? ☐
Have you created Geofilters? ☐


Do you have a keyword plan for your Profile? ☐
Are you using your Headline properly? ☐
Do you have a good Profile photo? ☐
Do you have a Business Page with good keywords? ☐
Do you know the best times to post updates? ☐
Are you posting with settings at Public? ☐
Are you using LinkedIn Pulse to publish content? ☐


Do you have an easy to remember Channel name? ☐
Do you have a keyword plan for YouTube? ☐
Are you using Video names and Descriptions properly? ☐
Are you using Categories? ☐
Are you linking out from your videos? ☐
Do you have a professional thumbnail for your videos? ☐
Are you captioning your videos? ☐
Do you know your video stats?  ☐


Are you using a mailing service that’s whitelisted? ☐
Do you send newsletters on a regular basis? ☐
Are you using segmentation? ☐
Do you know your Open Rate? ☐
Do you A/B Test your subject lines? ☐
Do you have a database of content to use for mailers? ☐

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