Press Release Ideas for an SME in Ireland

Here are some ideas for press releases for an Irish SME

Press Release Writing Ideas for an SME

  • Announcement of a new product or service launch
  • Partnership or collaboration with another local business
  • Recognition or award received by the company
  • Participation in a community or charity event
  • Opening of a new office or expansion of existing facilities
  • Announcement of a significant milestone or anniversary
  • Introduction of a new executive or key team member
  • Release of industry research or white paper
  • Case study showcasing a successful client project
  • Expert commentary on a trending topic in the industry
  • Company’s involvement in sustainability or green initiatives
  • Donation or contribution to a local cause or charity
  • Announcement of a new marketing or promotional campaign
  • Company’s participation in a trade show or exhibition
  • Introduction of a new pricing structure or special offer for customers

Money and jobs are always good to get media attention

  • “Local SME Expands Operations, Creates Jobs, and Boosts Revenue in Irish Market”
  • “Innovative Irish SME Launches New Product Line, Anticipates Revenue Growth”
  • “Irish SME Recognised for Sustainable Business Practices, Driving Growth and Job Opportunities”
  • “Entrepreneurial Success Story: How an Irish SME Drives Economic Growth and Job Creation”
  • “Breaking News: Irish SME Achieves Record Revenue, Sets New Industry Standards”
  • “SME Spotlight: Irish Company’s Expansion Initiatives Drive Local Job Market”
  • “Irish SME Thrives Despite Challenges, Experiences Remarkable Revenue Increase”
  • “Prominent Irish SME’s Success Story: Job Creation and Revenue Surge”
  • “Irish SME Leverages Digital Transformation, Sees Impressive Revenue Growth”
  • “Leading Irish SME’s Innovation Leads to Job Creation and Revenue Milestones”

The local angle works well

  • [SME Name] Doubles Revenue and Expands Workforce, Driving Economic Growth in [Location]
  • Irish SME [Company Name] Creates 50 New Jobs in [Location] as Business Booms
  • [Company Name] Recognised as Fastest-Growing Irish SME, Adding Jobs and Boosting Local Economy
  • Local Entrepreneur [Founder Name] Builds Thriving Agri Company in [Location], Supporting Rural Development
  • [Company Name] Secures Major Investment, Fuelling Growth and Job Creation in [Location]
  • Irish SME [Company Name] Celebrates Record-Breaking Year, Investing in Local Talent and Innovation
  • [Location]-Based SME [Company Name] Wins National Award for Innovation and Business Success
  • [Company Name] Partners with Local Schools to Inspire Next Generation of Entrepreneurs in [Location]
  • [Company Name] Launches Groundbreaking Technology with Irish CTO at the Helm
  • Irish SME [Company Name] Helps Boost Local Economy, Supporting Local Suppliers and Businesses

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