Giving away our Online Marketing Documentation

Update: Download the Mulley Communcations Online Marketing Doc here.

I’m pretty happy and proud of the Online Marketing Doc that I give out to people at the private and public training courses I do. It covers the basics of Online Marketing, covers a bit on SEO, Google Adwords, Social Networks like Facebook and Bebo and other bits and pieces. I’d like to give it away but I want my tinkerbell moment. I want people to clap for it by leaving a comment here on this post. If 103 people leave comments (I don’t like even numbers so 100 is ruled out and 101 is a bit too uniform for my liking) I’ll release the document into the wild and as I update the document (which will happen every few months) I’ll update it on the site here too.

Giving away your documentation isn’t actually going to impact on the work you get in as people should be paying for your expertise, not your supporting documentation. To make it clear too, you can reuse any of the content for commercial or non-commercial use once Mulley Communications gets attribution.

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Now, if comments keep on going up and I get over 243 comments I’ll give a full day’s training session to 12 people or less (of your choosing) on Online Marketing in Cork or Dublin. The winner of this will be randomly selected from the list of commentors. Yeah you can’t charge people to attend this obviously.

Rules suck but there have to be a few. I’ll randomly contact people who leave comments in case anyone pretends to be more than one person. Pretend to be just one person! I have no issue at all with you encouraging people to leave a comment but I would prefer them to be people who want the document not just friends of yours who are helping you out. It’d be nice to know 100+ people read the document. It’s not a rule but if you took the document and improved on it (which is easy to do in fairness) then that would really rock!

367 thoughts on “Giving away our Online Marketing Documentation”

  1. Would be delighted if you published the notes and to be honest to get on the training course …. our company works in higher education and while we do alot of this stuff already it would be great to get advice!

  2. I read it and as I’m about to start on the road of an online presence I can recommend it to anyone who has just as little braincells for web savvieness as myself .
    It’s an easy read. Thank you so much, Damien.
    Now where is my to-do list?

  3. Howdy, similar to Nathalie above I am about to investigate e commerce for the first time. This sounds like it would be just the ticket !
    Thanks Damien

  4. Hi Damien

    Thanks very much for sharing the doc with all of us.
    I read it on Tuesday and found it pretty interesting, especially for someone that needs an overall idea in one shot. Loved the breakdown you did explaining Facebook.
    I wonder why there was very little about Linkedin. This is the first and one of the most used 2.0 tools out there by the average user.
    I’m not sure if this doc represents a complement or is exactly what you show on your slides in the presentation, but I would’ve loved to see more graphics. Even thoungh the content is great, I’m just thinking about your target audience, which could not be very familiar with all the topics and maybe 20+ pages of text might be too much to process…
    Anyways, thanks again!!

  5. In response to Fred’s comment about Damiens “target audience finding 20 pages hard to process”, I found his document so I reckon I am his target audience. I had no trouble processing his document and if anyone does , I believe Damien offers courses so he can go through them at a slower pace and with visuals. I’d rather read Damiens plain text than having to download a 100 slides and wade through them.

  6. I like your thinking on this. Give something free, generate some buzz for it, get your name out there to an even wider audience. Total winner.

    Thanks for the doc. Look forward to reading it.

  7. Hope I don’t ruin your plan by posting another comment but I had to when I saw the Word Doc.

    Use Google Docs man – perfect for this type of thing. You could potentially allow people to collaborate on a revised version of the doc this way too …

  8. Many thanks for releasing the informative document in this blog. It will be interesting to see how Social Networking can affect marketing during such a difficult time for all Irish Businesses.

  9. There’s enough people out on the Interwebs too willing to charge through the nose for their knowledge, and it’s good to see someone approach things differently.

    Good on you.

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