Giving away our Online Marketing Documentation

Update: Download the Mulley Communcations Online Marketing Doc here.

I’m pretty happy and proud of the Online Marketing Doc that I give out to people at the private and public training courses I do. It covers the basics of Online Marketing, covers a bit on SEO, Google Adwords, Social Networks like Facebook and Bebo and other bits and pieces. I’d like to give it away but I want my tinkerbell moment. I want people to clap for it by leaving a comment here on this post. If 103 people leave comments (I don’t like even numbers so 100 is ruled out and 101 is a bit too uniform for my liking) I’ll release the document into the wild and as I update the document (which will happen every few months) I’ll update it on the site here too.

Giving away your documentation isn’t actually going to impact on the work you get in as people should be paying for your expertise, not your supporting documentation. To make it clear too, you can reuse any of the content for commercial or non-commercial use once Mulley Communications gets attribution.

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Now, if comments keep on going up and I get over 243 comments I’ll give a full day’s training session to 12 people or less (of your choosing) on Online Marketing in Cork or Dublin. The winner of this will be randomly selected from the list of commentors. Yeah you can’t charge people to attend this obviously.

Rules suck but there have to be a few. I’ll randomly contact people who leave comments in case anyone pretends to be more than one person. Pretend to be just one person! I have no issue at all with you encouraging people to leave a comment but I would prefer them to be people who want the document not just friends of yours who are helping you out. It’d be nice to know 100+ people read the document. It’s not a rule but if you took the document and improved on it (which is easy to do in fairness) then that would really rock!

367 thoughts on “Giving away our Online Marketing Documentation”

  1. Hi Damien,

    I’ve included your link on my blog and asked all the guys studying Digital Marketing at the Fitzwilliam Institute to check it out.

    Well done on the guide, its great. And thank you for allowing us to access it for free, it’s a very useful learning document for us.



  2. Damien,
    That is really what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Although I am convinced about online networking I am still looking for the benefits of blogging and how can that attract people to my business.
    I will not give up, though.

  3. Thanks Damien for this. I like the way you present this information. May many good things come back to you.

    Best Pat

  4. Nice, looking forward to reading the document now. Very generous of you to stick it up there for all and sundry 🙂


  5. Thanks Damian.. Not many people giving out things for free in this day and age. Very decent of you. God bless the aul online marketing 😉

  6. Nice one Damien.

    Always good to see people sharing information – it only serves to help everyone improve & raise the bar for the industry as a whole. More sharing, from all corners, would be a great thing to see 😀

  7. Thank you very much. Reading your document in preparation for your workshop on Sept 17th. Yes I know I am a swot. No test questions please am only just getting to grips with Twitter. Looking forward to meeting you. Until then …

  8. Thanks a million for this, Damien.

    It’s a very comprehensive and comprehensible overview of online marketing. It’s easy to read, is user-friendly and ccontains useful links. Very generous move to share this with us. You are a Go-Giver!

    Best wishes, Fiona.

  9. Cheers Damien

    Found you through recent SimplyZesty event, and this doc neatly fits in with that training camp too. Spot on!

    Kudos for sharing this kind of information. I don’t a proper marketing background but I have to do it for our jobs anyways. Free advice like this is appreciated


  10. Excellent for the uninitiated – takes the fizz-buzz out of on-line marketing. Everything (well most) things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

  11. wow, what a brilliant document. just reviewing it now, loving all the topics you’ve looking forward to reviewing my website and using the tools available from Google..and business facebook, linkedin, twitter account etc..thanks:)

  12. Thanks for this freebie. Just starting out, have done a few basics but looking for loads more information so this is a great help … thanks 🙂

  13. I just downloaded this. Not sure when I might ever really use it but it looks like I might learn something from it. Thanks.

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