Hotel Marketing using earned media – Montenotte Hotel photowalk

Last weekend Donncha hosted a photowalk with photobloggers. Pat O’Neill of D4 hotels fame brought Donncha and Montenotte Hotels together for this. (I helped slightly)

Hold Still...We
Photo owned by M. Burrows (cc)

This is a nice example of earned media: Bring photobloggers to your hotel, give them content (this time a view) and enable them to do what they like doing (taking photos). Lots and lots and lots of photos and good sentiment and blog posts circling around your hotel. When SEO and Google Ads start to fail or become more expensive than the cost of a room, you need to up a gear or do something different. Course if you have a speedboat that some photobloggers can hop on, even better!

We’re a while yet from the idea of earned media in Ireland as extolled by Graham Brown, Helge Tennø and others but we’re getting there.