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We help Make Others Successful.

Mulley Communications does three things very well:

1. We do training courses in all forms of Digital Marketing/Social Media:

Currently, the areas in which we do training:

If you are interested in finding out about our next training classes, fill in this form. (You will not be added to a spam list) or look at the list of all our training courses.

2. We do consultancy in Digital Marketing/Social Media/PR

As per the top line up there: We help make others successful. An interesting thing about this. Normally when you bring us in to consult on your digital marketing, we end up broadening the workto overall marketing, comms and the way your organisation works as a business. Digital marketing shouldn’t be a second cousin to your overall business.  Just so you’re warned!

In terms of consultancy what Damien does is help start-ups on their marketing and comms strategies, helps with market research on whether their products will work, creating media plans on how to get quality media attention. We’re a company that likes to help businesses, groups and individuals get better at communicating, mainly using online resources like your own website, blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other online tools. AKA, we make you famous on the Internet.

3. We run events

The SME Awards, Web Awards,, and the Social Media Awards are our yearly events. All of the events are fun and slightly irreverent. Oh, and also affordable.

We are currently booked out with training and consultancy until June 2015. Give us a call or email anyway (email is best way to make contact) and we can see if there’s another way to help you.

How we work

Sorry, but we don’t work with political parties or multi-national alcohol companies. If you want Damien to speak at an event then you will need to have a gender balance close to 50:50 and he probably won’t speak about the very broad topic of digital marketing/social media. Specific areas are fine.


Free Training documentation

We give away our training documentation, so why not download our online marketing documents for free and see what you can do yourself? You can now download our Facebook for Business documentation, Online Marketing Plan and our LinkedIn Training document.


Our latest research on Irish Teenagers who smoke is here. Teenagers and mobile use of Facebook. Our research on Teenagers use of digital media is here. Our survey on Facebook Usage is here. Our Google Eyetracking survey helps you understand how people look at search results. Our iPhone survey is a bit old now but still relevant!


Email is the best way to get in touch. You can email Damien on His mobile is 086 825 8586 (it is never answered and he does not listen to voicemail). “We” are Damien Mulley and a team of highly talented trainers and consultants.

If you want to know about new courses, events and whatnots, we have a mailing list that we don’t update as much as we should:

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