Measure it! – May 5th – Dublin

Update: Measure it! takes place in the Odeon Bar, Harcourt Street on May 5th from 10am to 12pm.
Second update: It’s a free event.

Measure it!
One needs an exclamation mark to make your event more exciting. In the spirit of MeasurementCamp, we’ll be hosting an event around social media and measurement and we’ll call it “Measure it!”. Two hours, 10am-12pm. Two ten minute case studies which will concentrate on the measurement of campaigns, we’ll break you into groups to do a task then we might wrap up with a Q&A.

Who’s it for?
PR companies, marketing companies, individuals, organisations, monkey trainers (if you have a Twitter account), people wanting to figure this social media lark out.

Sign up in the comments
If you want to come along, leave a comment over there ->

And yes, there’s space for us all.


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  1. @Christian Plenty of room I should think.

  2. I’d like to come by if there’s still space!

  3. I’d love to come please :)


  4. Comment by Sarai

    I’d love to go too.

  5. Love to go, thanks Damien!

  6. I’m in – thanks for putting this together!

  7. Look great – looking forward to it

  8. Love to go Damien, cheers!

  9. Comment by Aislinn O'Toole

    Looking forward to it.

  10. Would love to be there Damien, thanks Aoife

  11. Would love to come along, if there is space. Thanks

  12. Please come along

  13. We’re two..thanks!

  14. Comment by Igor Kochajkiewicz

    hi, would very much like to come. thanks!

  15. I’m in if there is room

  16. Comment by EmilyAM

    I’d love to come, if there’s still space.
    Thanks, Emily.

  17. Looking forward to it… came highly recommended… Jennie

  18. Comment by Clodagh Ashe

    I would love to attend.

  19. Hi Damien,

    My colleague Emma and I would be delighted to attend. See you tomorrow!

  20. Won’t be able to make it – but any way we can get the resources and perhaps a podcast?

  21. I’ll be there – looking forward to it.

  22. Hi Damien, saw this announced on Twitter. would love to attend please.

  23. Sounds really interesting, and I look forward to seeing you there.


  24. Comment by carol

    I’d love to come along, If there’s still space available. Thanks

  25. Loads of space!

  26. Comment by fiona

    Sounds great – count me in! :-)

  27. Comment by Emma Williams

    My colleague Martyn and I would like to attend.

  28. Comment by Orlagh

    Can I come along?

  29. All welcome Emma and Orlagh

  30. May I come please. Cheers

  31. Comment by Rita

    i would also love to attend, if there is still space? Thank you.

  32. Comment by Tara O'Brien

    Hi Damien ,

    I would love to attend this event.

    Is there still space – Thanks

  33. Thanks for putting this together. Would love to come if there’s still space.

  34. Comment by Gerry Shanahan


    Great event, enjoyed the presentations and left with lots to think about, a big thanks to the presenters and to you.


  35. Good stuff Damien, have a few thoughts on stuff that came up and will blog it over the weekend

  36. Many thanks for this event, Damien. It was very informative and enjoyable. Best wishes, Fiona.

  37. Sorry we didn’t get to chat Fiona!

  38. No worries. We’ll catch up next time, Damien :)

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