Measure it! – May 5th – Dublin

Update: Measure it! takes place in the Odeon Bar, Harcourt Street on May 5th from 10am to 12pm.
Second update: It’s a free event.

Measure it!
One needs an exclamation mark to make your event more exciting. In the spirit of MeasurementCamp, we’ll be hosting an event around social media and measurement and we’ll call it “Measure it!”. Two hours, 10am-12pm. Two ten minute case studies which will concentrate on the measurement of campaigns, we’ll break you into groups to do a task then we might wrap up with a Q&A.

Who’s it for?
PR companies, marketing companies, individuals, organisations, monkey trainers (if you have a Twitter account), people wanting to figure this social media lark out.

Sign up in the comments
If you want to come along, leave a comment over there ->

And yes, there’s space for us all.

90 thoughts on “Measure it! – May 5th – Dublin”

  1. I haven’t got to grips with measurement so this sounds good and well worth a few quid.

    I have been subjected to other Mulley sessions so understand if priority given to those who haven’t yet had the pleasure.

    I might even keep quiet this time, but not promising anything.


  2. Hi Charmed.

    Its a long time since I got anyone thinking about anything, so I’m actually quite thrilled to see that my comment got you thinking.

    Naturally I assume it was the bit about keeping quiet. I’m still not promising anything but will do my best.

    Don’t let that put you off the course.


  3. Hi Des
    Actually I’m typically the one who keeps too quite. I was referring to your “subjected to other Mulley sessions” that had me thinking 🙂

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