Links this week – Week of August 2nd 2010

Bank holiday or not, here are some links for you to munch through.

Brendan has a good post on generating leads from social media.

Lots of opportunities in using Google sets for research and insight.

Forrester tells marketers to stay away from the likes of Foursquare and other location services for now. Sure there’s only a few million highly influential people using it. Am sure the wait and see applied to the web in the early days too. It’s what you make of the medium that matters, be it 10, 1000 or a billion people on it.

Meanwhile PlacePop takes the location idea and applies it to vouchers.

I like this idea. Test drive a new Mazda via a Facebook game/app.

If you’re into PR then follow the PR Page from Facebook. Lots of tools and ideas for PR professionals.

Links this week – July 12th 2010

Facebook now pushing 3 billion likes a day. 3 billion!!!

6 digital trends to watch. Bit boring and mainstream and ones really that are aalready happening.

More from Spoiltchild on landing pages.

YouTube Mobile now serves 100Million videos per day now.

Twitter now doing 800M searches a day.

How to opt out of Apple iAd data logging.

Links this week – Week of July 5th 2010

All the Facebook stats you never wanted.

What three things should you do in social media? Well first is listening.

Ways of figuring out more about those who follow you on Twitter.

Official stats from Facebook themselves.

Facebook is the largest publisher of display ads in the U.S. beating Yahoo! 176 billion display ads, up from just 70 billion a year earlier.

Interesting idea. Using staff for your media instead of buying ads.

Measure It! – July 7th 2010 in Dublin City Centre – Reg for interest

Update: Sorry folks, not enough interest for the 7th. We’ll try for August 4th. Post to come.

I’ve been asked about doing another Measure It! for Wednesday July 7th from 10am to 12pm. If there is interest we can do one. Ideally we need about 30 people to register interest to make it worthwhile. We’ll have at least two presentations and as usual, a task to do as well.

Please leave a comment over there –> if you want to attend.

Links this week – Friday June 18th 2010

The Golden Age of mobile and online advertising is here?

Not just iPhone (though still the giant for mobile Facebook usage) that sees mobile Facebook usage. Android usage for Facebook? 7 Million a month.

Webinar: How can Nokia recapture the Youth market. June 23rd.

The PSFK London conference in September has some early bird tickets available. Well worth going to.

. Twitter search with results linked to number of followers.

Ford shows off their new car on Facebook first.

Big spenders on social networks? Heavy users. Wonder why Google, Facebook and the like want you online more?

Links this week – June 7th 2010

Clever. Nice iPhone app from the Tate that incorporates fun games too so there’s learning/experiences being created.

So per capita, Ireland is in the top 15 countries worldwide for Facebook penetration.

Tips on how to produce a Webinar that works.

TV shows and Facebook and Twitter. Update as you watch.

The new True Blood Season 2 Blu-ray Disc has a social networking feature that fans of the HBO series can really sink their teeth into: automatic updates to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Making your video news more discoverable: best practices for news publishers. Equally applies to loads of other segments too.

The next Measure it! is on June 2nd at 10am-12pm

Venue is Hogan Suite, Academy Plaza Hotel, off O’Connell street. Map.

If you want to attend this free event, please leave a comment.

Following on from the first Measure it! and with the feedback to hold another, the next one is on June 2nd. We’ll have two or maybe even three 10 minute presentations on social media and measuring success of a campaign followed by breaking into groups and coming up with solutions to a given task.

The aim of Measure it! is to get people thinking about metrics and measurements for social media and marketing. A side-effect of Measure it! is you get to meet people who are also looking an metrics and have some great ideas to share.

Measure it! is free to attend with the precondition you are willing to share some insights and thoughts. Do come along for the two hours.

Update May 29th:
There will be presentations from Realex Payments, O’Leary Analytics and Barry Hand.