Links this week – July 12th 2010

Facebook now pushing 3 billion likes a day. 3 billion!!!

6 digital trends to watch. Bit boring and mainstream and ones really that are aalready happening.

More from Spoiltchild on landing pages.

YouTube Mobile now serves 100Million videos per day now.

Twitter now doing 800M searches a day.

How to opt out of Apple iAd data logging.

Measure It! – July 7th 2010 in Dublin City Centre – Reg for interest

Update: Sorry folks, not enough interest for the 7th. We’ll try for August 4th. Post to come.

I’ve been asked about doing another Measure It! for Wednesday July 7th from 10am to 12pm. If there is interest we can do one. Ideally we need about 30 people to register interest to make it worthwhile. We’ll have at least two presentations and as usual, a task to do as well.

Please leave a comment over there –> if you want to attend.

Facebook for Business: Use ads, use and update Pages

So you may or may not have seen the study we did with the National College of Ireland on Facebook usage. Check it out. It’s good! The main science bits are:

  • 71% of users looked at adverts on their Profile pages, 31% of users looked at adverts on the News Feed page (homepage).
  • Users pay more attention (53% vs. 31%) to page updates in their News Feed Wall rather than adverts to the right-hand side of the Wall.

So we might have banner ad blindness going on around the web and maybe Google Ads on the right side of results don’t get much love but it seems for Facebook so far, ads work and people pay attention to them.

More importantly in my view is that people are naturally paying attention to information that shows up in their News Feed and a business is allowed to send their updates to this News Feed when someone Likes/Becomes a fan of the Business Page. So set up your Facebook Business Page and update on a regular basis. Tie it into a Marketing Calendar. The only cost is your time.

Links this week – May 24th 2010

Want to find mass influencers? Find: Rich, iPhone waving, young people

Games and Apps on Facebook will now be able to send email invites to play the game (and join Facebook)

Online campaigns influenced UK voters, it seems.

Ten guidelines for running an online competition.

Passing the 100+ (genuine) followers on Twitter threshold is good for business.

Is marketing on Twitter a waste of time? Seems not.

Old but fantastic all the same. Watch the real-time purchasing map from Zappos.

The next Measure it! is on June 2nd at 10am-12pm

Venue is Hogan Suite, Academy Plaza Hotel, off O’Connell street. Map.

If you want to attend this free event, please leave a comment.

Following on from the first Measure it! and with the feedback to hold another, the next one is on June 2nd. We’ll have two or maybe even three 10 minute presentations on social media and measuring success of a campaign followed by breaking into groups and coming up with solutions to a given task.

The aim of Measure it! is to get people thinking about metrics and measurements for social media and marketing. A side-effect of Measure it! is you get to meet people who are also looking an metrics and have some great ideas to share.

Measure it! is free to attend with the precondition you are willing to share some insights and thoughts. Do come along for the two hours.

Update May 29th:
There will be presentations from Realex Payments, O’Leary Analytics and Barry Hand.

Get your social media certificate

It’s not just certificates in answering the phone, putting the seat up in the toilet (for men), typing and proper use of the telex that employers are looking for these days. Oh no. One needs to know social media in order to do business and a business that wants to do business with a business that wants to do business in a business-like way, needs to do their business in a social and a media way now too. So they need social media.

Years ago it was suggested that bloggers get a badge and accreditation in order to be allowed to blog and as an extension of this we should consider a “driving licence” style regime for social media. Twitter, Facebook and Friendster can be dangerous things in the wrong hands. Would you let your dog drive your car without doing their driving test? NO.

Here at MulleyCorp we’d like to share the top ten secrets to win at social media and if you can say yes to the following list then we think you too can start on the socialpath to social media greatness. We encourage you to download this certificate in social media and fax it to all your clients to show them how you mean business in a social media way.

The Top Ten to earn your social media certificate:

  • 1. Do you have a Twitter, Facebook and a LinkedIn?
  • b. Do you know how to use hashtags? #hashtags
  • 4. Do you subscribe to Chris Brogan, Gary difficultnamewineguy and Seth Godin?
  • 5. Do you follow the formula on how to appear genuine like Chris suggests? (minute 3.40 onwards)
  • 6. Do you know how to contact a blogger to get them to remove negative stuff about your brand?
  • 7. Do you know how to quote from the most overquoted social media casestudies ever?
  • 8. Do you know how to write a blog for your C.E.O.?
  • 9. Are you listening? Do you use monitoring tools to find social media badvocates?
  • 10. Do you message Stephen Fry on a regular basis on Twitter and inform people of your chat?

Congratulations. You’ve graduated. You may now download your social media certificate.

Remember though, this is just the certificate. The degree course and PhD are on their way. We’d appreciate some links, Tweets and whatnot. We are very very sorry thought that it takes natural talent and neck to be a guru. Some things even we can teach.

(PDF template from here)

Social Media tidbits – July 2nd 2009

Online PR is more than a numbers game says Bespoke. Too right.

We are social worked on a fascinating Loop the Loop campaign.

Numbers. You can measure it. Supermegapost about measuring and evaluating sponsorships and events.

A workable advertising model?

Content is free and advertisers pay because they can target by default. If consumers choose to turn targeting off, they can pay or forgo the content.

This is how to use an iPhone to market. Add value. See what Absolut did?