Social Media tidbits – July 2nd 2009

Online PR is more than a numbers game says Bespoke. Too right.

We are social worked on a fascinating Loop the Loop campaign.

Numbers. You can measure it. Supermegapost about measuring and evaluating sponsorships and events.

A workable advertising model?

Content is free and advertisers pay because they can target by default. If consumers choose to turn targeting off, they can pay or forgo the content.

This is how to use an iPhone to market. Add value. See what Absolut did?

One thought on “Social Media tidbits – July 2nd 2009”

  1. A great idea, wonderfully executed by Absolut. I’m just firing up iTunes to download it now. I’ve not seen anything as useful from any other company, for free. Coke tried it, but it was a novelty app that ran out of use after 3 or 4 plays.

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