Online Marketing tidbits – June 29th 2009

Nike+ fascinates me. The amount of data it gathers and shares and the way it connects people together is utterly fantastic. A great example of community building. Bring people together and give them the tools to share and they’ll inform you of what you can do for them. This Wired article goes though great detail about it.

Nike has attracted the largest community of runners ever assembled—more than 1.2 million runners who have collectively tracked more than 130 million miles and burned more than 13 billion calories.

And you can upload your jogging data to Twitter.

Top 5 PR sins.

How Edelman works with Mommy bloggers.

Looks like your Facebook status updates will now be world-public. Expect ads showing up in your profile based on them too.

Here’s how to get your Facebook username back.

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  1. Hi Damien, thanks so much for all the info over the weekend. I’ve been burning the midnight oil since then to get up to speed. Looking forward to meeting you at Social Media Unspun in Dublin on 23rd.

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