Working with each other in your own company – What is it like?

Running a business together – Our Experiences

Thanks to everyone who answered my questions on this and your patience waiting for me to set it live.

Tell me about your business

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Mostly Industrial and Pharmaceutical.

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
We’re a sweet Bakery and opened our retail shop in 2018. Known for Cupcakes, Tea Bracks, Soda Breads and our reworking of “retro” biscuits. In the shop we have an added focus on small Irish food producers with a selection of Cheese, Jams, Honey, Chocolate, Coffee and more from artisans.

Audrey & Abi – WeirdWatercolours
We design, illustrate, paint and print eco friendly, meme inspired greetings cards for any occasion

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
Owner of a software development company

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
Our business is Valentia Island Vermouth. We are the first Irish vermouth and we launched on the 14th of July 2021!

James and Eoin – is an online sustainable store and we sell products from small Irish makers and independent brands that are natural, handmade, ethical and sustainable. We’re had a rollercoaster year since we launched and were thrilled in our first year to win the Repak National Online Green Packaging Award and to be a finalist for the Retail Excellence Online Store of the Year award. You’ll find us at

Why did you decide to work together?

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
We had an immersive theatre events company together in the UK so by starting another business together I guess we are obvs gluttons for punishment 😉

Audrey & Abi – WeirdWatercolours
We ended up isolating together in March 2020 after going on a date and reuniting after 6 years. We are both creatives and wanted to keep busy during the first lock down. We started doing live drawing over Instagram and getting viewers to join in and after a few evenings of this WeirdWatercolours was born and people started asking if they could purchase our work.

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
Our skills complement each other and we both had a vested interest in making it a success. We work really well as a team in our personal life so extended that to our business.c

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
Necessity. D had been laid off in June and returned to college, Graham was made redundant the same November, we had to do something. We had been thinking of our own business so had looked at premises etc but it was researching for the future. Literally the morning after Graham was told of his redundancy we got a phone call offering a kitchen space, a second offering an industrial oven and a third offering stainless steel work benches – we hadn’t told anyone, ANYONE, our news so it floored us. We jumped at all three offers and decided to give the business a shot. Coincidence, fate, someone looking down on us, whatever, the universe was making something possible we had to go with it.

James and Eoin –
I’d been working in a large multinational for 10 years. A secure job and a great company to work for but I was ready for a change. I’d an idea in my head for a business for a long time but never acted on it. The usual, never had the time…….

Well, working from home during the first lockdown and suddenly having no daily commute, as well as our social life vanishing, I suddenly had the time and space to really explore it and actually do it. I started thinking about it seriously in March of 2020 at the start of the first lockdown and by May I had decided to go for it and started setting up the business in earnest. I did a ‘Start Your Own Business Course’ online with my Local Enterprise Office.

Our whole ethos is sustainability and we wanted our business to be properly sustainable for us. So rather than going big and borrowing money, renting space etc. we decided instead to do everything ourselves and keep it small, setting it up from our home. I’m not sure if I would have definitely made the leap to do it if Eoin hadn’t literally pushed me.

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
It was mostly circumstance, having moved from an urban to a rural environment and starting a family, it made sense to do what we could to cut out the hours long commute to the city. Dave had gone from being a sole trader to establishing a limited company with a business partner, and that relationship didn’t work out. I was a social worker in dublin and similar opportunities were not available to me locally so I stepped in as a director of Devhaus in 2013.

Do you do different tasks in the business?

James and Eoin –
Very much. I work full time in the business now and I look after all the business side of things, accounts, marketing, purchasing and most of the day to day work of shipping our orders.

Eoin is already a busy man, he works full time as a Guidance Teacher in a secondary school in Dublin. When he’s not doing that he helps me with whatever needs to be done, from packing orders to making deliveries. He’s also paying all the bills now that his is the only income coming into the house. We took a major hit to our income in the short term with me giving up my job.

He’s also my main person to talk to about the business and bounce ideas off. Eoin prefers to be more behind the scenes when it comes to the business but he’s the driving force in terms of support and giving me the energy to it.

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
Yes, Dave is the technical whiz, acting as CTO and I manage the clients, projects, staff and finances.

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
Anna is the maker, producer and decision maker
Orla looks after the getting it out there and does a great job of drinking it

Margaret and Alec – Climatech

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
Yes, Graham is baker, product development, creative. Daithi is logistics, payroll, accounts, nuts and bolts.

Audrey & Abi – WeirdWatercolours
Yes we both have several titles within the business. From bookkeeping to handmaking our own envelopes and everything in between.

How do you disconnect at home?

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
Work inevitably spills over into our home life. As business owners, we have to handle various things outside of business hours. But when we’re done one will say ‘we’re not talking about work any more’ and we do something else. We’re lucky to be occupied by the antics of our four kids, I do a lot of campaigning and community work and Dave is a GAA coach, so it’s actually quite easy to switch into the reality of our home life. Dave also builds Lego technics, so he’ll disappear down that black hole for a couple of hours at a time!

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
We only talk business for a short time early in the evening and get on with our lives after that.

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
Can’t always, honestly. We get phone calls at 11 at night, 9 on Sunday morning, Christmas Day looking to place orders. The business is our livelihood so it is a constant presence. Somehow though, talking something through on a long walk or even in the middle of dinner, in a more relaxed “non work frame of mind” works. It just needs to be done.

James and Eoin –
We don’t get too much down time at the moment and we’re ok with that as it’s the early days of a new business so it’s par for the course. We try to keep work out of the house as much as we can. We live in walking distance of town so we like a stroll to the pub for a pint, especially on a summer’s evening. Eoin’s involved in a lot of community work here in Kilcullen where we live and is usually at some meeting or other or working on projects in the evenings. That gives us a bit of space from each other too which is healthy!

When we’re struggling to disconnect we head to a mountain. You’ll often find us somewhere like Glendalough or Lugnaquilla early on Sunday morning so we can hike on our own before anyone else gets there and that gives us life.

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
Don’t talk about work! When you want to talk about work explicitly say: “can I talk about work for a sec” or if you don’t want to, say “can we talk about this another time” Leave the home environment, the being out for dinner environment or the weekend environment free to talk about unicorns or the existence of dragons. You know, the normal stuff. Defo talk about hopes and dreams for the future in your down time.

With the lockdown home is now work and work is now home. How was that for you both?

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
Since Covid, our business has shrunk and we have had to give up the office space we had been renting so our living/dining room is now the office. It’s more about making the most of time off to switch off and it can take an effort – we manage.

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
We’ve always been set up to work remotely, so it wasn’t hugely new to us. We’ve had many remote staff working across the globe over the years from Berlin to Phnom penh. Having said that, I did find it extremely difficult when the kids were off school, with four different primary school lessons to get through daily and a business to run, balancing anything was completely impossible. But we’re still standing and moving forward, and that’s all that matters in the end.

James and Eoin –
Eoin’s lockdown project was to build a big pond in our garden and it’s right across from my office window. Now that I work from the garden, I swapped a long daily commute to a pretty soulless business park, for a stroll down to my office where I can look out at the pond all day and watch the world and wildlife go by. It’s really hard to beat.

Going from a large corporate environment to running our own micro enterprise has also been refreshing in many ways. You do miss out on the social aspect of course but that’s not all bad to be honest. You get to miss the office politics too. I quite like the solitude sometimes and I enjoy working quietly without distractions. I was actually worried originally that I’d be lonely but I’m not at all so far. There’s too much to be done.

We built an office/workshop in our garden and the business stays down there so there’s no laptops in the house or working at the kitchen table. That helps keep work life and home life separate, even though it’s all on the same property.

It took me a while to adjust when eoin went back to work in September. We were together 24/7 in the summer and now Eoin is gone from 8-5. But it’s probably healthy for us too.

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
We are lucky that pharmaceutical companies stayed going throughout so we didn’t get under each others feet only for a few weeks. We did house projects together on our down time. We rarely stop doing stuff.

Audrey & Abi – WeirdWatercolours
At our busiest time we both found it quite stressful as space was limited. We set up the studio with all our equipment in our spare room and managed to fit two workspaces in with the bed turned on its end against the wall. During winter and in the midst of lockdown we both also found it challenging to stay motivated and not get distracted by needing to do household things as our professional work space was our home space.

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
We ensured to create one neutral space that neither of us were working in (which was the kitchen). So it remained a work free zone

Have you wanted to murder each other?

Audrey & Abi – WeirdWatercolours
Yes on many occasions, that is all.

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
Yes. I won’t repeat the episodes of violence that ran through my head at my lowest times. :-/

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
Yes but mostly not over business.

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
Not quite…. There are stresses which working together probably brings to our relationship which otherwise we might not have BUT there’s also a very strong sense of purpose and working together which possibly also wouldn’t be there so it’s a glue that binds probably more than an abrasive.

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
Ara of course we have. The point to hold on to is that we haven’t

James and Eoin –
Ha! I don’t think so. We don’t tend to get on each other’s nerves too much and we both enjoy a bit of craziness it our lives, we’re easily bored. I can get a bit stressed sometimes but Eoin never does and is very good at giving me space if I’m being irrible and unreasonable. It never lasts long and we’re back to having a laugh. We wouldn’t work together if we didn’t enjoy spending a lot of time together.

How do you manage to prevent business disagreement spilling into the relationship?

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
We’re lucky that we can disagree without falling out. Listening to the other perspective though helps us come to a consensus usually.

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
I guess that we know each other so well and work together so well that there haven’t really been any major disagreements which have threatened us personally. We are pretty much a unit and we just get on with it.

Audrey & Abi – WeirdWatercolours
As I am an Aires and Audrey is very much a Leo things get fiery. We have recently learned, as adults, to listen better and in some areas compromise. WeirdWatercolurs takes its influence from the Irish and the everyday so the lines between our professional mode and our relationship mode are quite blurred in the best way.

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
We have just learned to draw a line under it. It does affect our relationship but we’re both committed and determined (stubborn) and luckily we don’t give up on anything easily. We are ultimately greatly for the opportunities running our own business has given us, so it’s worth holding on through the hard times.

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
Try and chill the feck out about whatever it is that the disagreement is about. We made loads of mistakes and had a lot of disagreements in our previous business. So learning from all of those and trying to not make the same mistakes in this business!

James and Eoin –
We have very different roles in the business and that helps. We don’t really argue much to be honest. I tend to make the final call on decisions relating to the business and so far we haven’t had any major fall outs on it. But it’s early days!

What are the pluses for working together? What are the minuses?

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
A plus is we understand time commitments and don’t feel upset when a personal event may need to be cancelled for work.
A minus is that if there is a cashflow problem we are both affected and it can get stressful to not have money coming in from a different source.

Joanne and Dave – Devhaus
Pluses are that we have complimentary skills and we learn from each other and push each other to do better. We enjoy each other’s company so don’t mind being together for long periods. We get to be with our kids growing up, get them from school, take them to activities. When they’re sick, we can stay home and mind them or take them to appointments. The minuses are that it’s ‘just us’, there is nobody else for support or help, we each rely heavily on the other. That can be a big burden at times. It’s not easy, you’re really working 24/7, at least in your head. It’s near to impossible to take time off, because there is nobody to hold the business together when we’re both gone. That’s something we’re working on, to take two weeks off next year.

Graham and Daithí – The Cupcake Bloke
On the plus side is that common purpose, common drive and genuine support of each other which strengthens us.

The minus is the business is always there, we just have to work at separating work and private life.

Audrey & Abi – WeirdWatercolours
Pluses: Same drive, same sense of humour, the mutual love of a creative challenge. Minuses: Not equally as organisationally equipped, a one sided irrational fear of admin.

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
Pluses = work becomes life. Find something you love doing, with someone you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.
Minuses = work can become life. You have to become hyper aware of your behaviour to not be a dick.

James and Eoin –
Pluses are – getting to spend more time together, being closer to each other’s day to day – things like work stress are not abstract and we get to experience the highs and lows together so it’s a real shared experience. You get to be your true self at work because you don’t have anything to prove. If I feel worried or scared or whatever we can just talk about that. I don’t have to put on a work mask. We’re building this together and that feels really good. Maybe its because we don’t have any kids but it feels like we’re building something for us. Plus I don’t have to pay him any wages 🙂

Minuses – you have to work at having down time or life becomes just work, work, work. We’re not always great at that to be honest but we’re working on it. When you’re rarely away from each other you don’t get the joy of seeing each other again after a few days away.

Anything else you want to add that I forgot to ask?

Margaret and Alec – Climatech
It’s good to have someone you totally trust 100% to have your back to make decisions and bounce ideas off.

Anna and Orla – Valentia Island Vermouth
Both of us are just trying to do a thing that we have no idea how to do. Take the urgency out of stuff, so what if you don’t agree on stuff, and have a good feckin time doing the stuff

Is Facebook going to end up buying Clubhouse?


A16Z are investors in Clubhouse. Clubhouse gets valued at $100M. The PR and hype  cycle begins. A16Z are powerhouses at coverage. Then Clubhouse gets valued at $1 billion.

A16Z invested in Qik. Marc Andreessen was on the board of Skype. Skype buys Qik. This is a common enough thing it seems.

Marc Andreessen is on the board of Facebook too.  Zuckerberg comes on to Clubhouse for a chat.

Elon Musk big ups Clubhouse and joins a chat. Millions of more users join.

Then he gets Kanye involved.

The more users Clubhouse has, the more it can be sold for. It’s at the top of hype lists now. The value will go up as more celebs and tech bros join and the general population flows in. It’s standard for social networks to do that celeb catnip trick. Other tech firms know the Facebook connection too so that might spur them to buy it at an inflated price to block Facebook. This will be fun.

Domains and business ideas

.ie domains for sale or rent

I have far too many domains these days so I want to offload them. I have many of these for years for projects I never got to start/complete. Make me an offer. Or if you want to rent a domain for a year to see if it works for you, let me know. With a few exceptions I’d be looking for €500 ex VAT min for a domain. Transfer fees are €70ish and you’d pay those too. Some of these domains I would want 4-5 figures for. Or you can buy them in bulk from me in 5s, 10s or all.

15% referral fee
15% fee if you intro a successful buyer of a domain to us.
Well this was going to be for tours around Ireland tracing those in 1916. For Irish-American and Irish people from the UK.
This age is used as the start of a demographic. Older people in studies are classed as those over 65 for instance. Could be very handy for a research project.
Bought this for myself as it is a very very easy domain and email address to remember.
One of these blocking purchases. To prevent other orgs with an agenda from using it so spout crap about abortion and what a skewed view of what the bible says. A rogue agency used one of these domains too to ensnare vulnerable people.
For a client that sells activewear.
A conference in 2022 maybe?
A one stop portal on AI/artificial intelligence in Ireland.
I went to a gym years back due to shoulder and back pain and it really sorted me out. The plan here was a site to refer you to gyms, chiropractors, physios and advice from real professionals on exercises you can do.
Gay culture, not forestry stuff.
Jobs site for hair salons and beauty salons
Currently used as a test site for blogging/SEO courses I do.
Plan was to have it as an aggregator of Irish blogs, like what used to do.
For the business courses I run and for partners/friends.
Brand name for a future business. Named after Agent Carter.
Nice and easy to market domain for a cash and carry.
I just saw it expire and it’s a great short domain name with lots of potential.
CEO forum type site. Events for CEOs and specific training courses.
One of these blocking purchases. To prevent other orgs with an agenda from using it so spout crap about the family and what a skewed view of what the bible says.
(Reserved until 2023) Well. This is the jackpot domain. Win the lotto, buy it off me. I love Christmas so you really need to make me a strong offer. We’re talking 5 figures here. Such an easy name for your brand.
Online training portal was the idea for this. Again easy brand to send people to.
A one stop portal on cloud computing in Ireland. Plus ad costs around the phrase cloud computing are huge. Buy me Microsoft, Salesforce.
Nice and easy to remember. Handy for a portal for something.
Another Geo type domain. Surprised it wasn’t taken.
Another one of these blocking purchases. To prevent other orgs with an agenda from using it so spout crap about the family and what a skewed view of what the bible says.
A perfect domain name for a consultant in any kind of area.
Former web design agency. Really nice backlinks. Pointing here now so we’ll see will that boost in rankings.
Well, I had the .com of it. And I have the stickers and keyrings for it too.
For those that work in this business.
Plan was to have it as an aggregator of Irish arts and culture blogs, like what used to do.
Look, it was there. Good domain for a sex toy company, currently redirected to one.
Gay culture or if someone wants to buy it for like new dads or something.
There are a lot of Google searches around where to dipose of your waste. Perfect for a waste collection company to down this site and sell on their offerings.
The other way to spell this. I was thinking a directory site for dieticians.
Again maybe online courses or consultancy. Really simple to remember site.
And the category is, domain purchasing realness. Drag is big now.
The cousin of Christmas but a bit more miserable as Christmas was about birthdays, this was about the torture of a beardy dude. Joy suck.

eCommerce Awards

I wanted to do an ecommerce awards thing across Europe. I think Ireland isn’t as fast as it should be to get more businesses to trade online but we are starting to. – Taken, kinda
Fun in the Sun but nevermind all the guns.
Another idea for an awards. Like People’s Choice Awards for the Irish Market. The existing entertainment awards are shite.
The idea for this was a database of experts that the media could call upon for media/radio/tv interviews. People would put themselves forward and link to their media coverage.
To prevent it being used to abuse people. Or to encourage smoking.
To prevent it being used to abuse people.
This is a nice and easy to remember domain. No, I will not take payment in roses.
This is my current live food blog aggregator. It needs an upgrade.
Cos I love the phrase.
Grabbing it and I might put something on it. Bought it as I didn’t want to see it used by some donkey-brained expert.
Very. Not sure was this a porn site before. Ideally this would be an online resource for the Irish gay community or a historical repository.
I want to specialise in end of life, dying and death and all of these come with grief. Perhaps an online space for writing on this.
For a political party grouping, maybe? Or just coverage of them.
Great town. Great domain name that I was surprised was available to register.
Well, it’s a fine domain. So many options to use this domain around innovation.
For all things diabetes medications.
An online form asking people for their experiences of a Karen. This is live actually.
Kylie, this is perfect for you!
Gay culture? Be a good site for a leathersmith and leather products too.
As the name suggests. Nice and easy to remember domain for a Life Coach.
After equal marriage came in, thought it would be best to nab this in case of the “not Adam and Steve” lot grabbed it.
Future business. Will explain in due course. Lack of LGBT maternity options in Ireland, I would like to see that change.
Well, this is simple enough. Will swap for product.
Conference on digital metrics that I used to organise.
I like Christmas. You may have noticed.
Just thought it would be a good domain for feminist writings.
That’s what the media want to know, right? Perhaps a space that has media training and guides.
Cos why not. I think this is going to be a legit type market in the future.
Well there are 10s of 1000s of searches in Ireland for people wanting to know about nightclasses in Ireland. The competition is … not great.
Currently redirected to book listings 🙂 but this would be a nice site that lists some things like ooooh fancy type items.
Straight up good information and options for those with cancer.
This was a directory website. It has pretty good backlinks.
Perfect domain for a sex toy company.
Bit like carter. For a future business that will grow out of MulleyComms. Simple to remember.
Another health related domain. Could be paired with,,
I was worried that a fake pregnancy crisis agency would register them and give people bad advice. HSE, buy these!
Should I redirect that to a politician?
Strong three letter domain name. Ideal for people that do PHP development. and
Many thoughts on this. From a weekly ratings system for Irish pols to an aggregator when they are mentioned in the news. I had something like this for Politics In Ireland.
Geo domain. Town in Waterford or legal firm specialising in maritime trade?
Portal for postgraduate courses in Ireland would be the original idea. Great domain for a college/university to buy and use as a brand/redirect for their advertising.
Startups, pre-startup, accelerators, pre-accelerators, even pre-idea seems to be a thing as well. Someone else has nabbed This could be a handy and easy to remember domain for a pre-accelerator or a directory of them.

Expired around the same time. I was worried that a fake pregnancy crisis agency would register them and give people bad advice. HSE, buy these!
REITs, or real estate investment trusts, are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate across a range of property sectors. Handy domain to have for this.
Reminiscence is a very important thing for those ageing or having cognitive decline. Easy to communicate website for reminiscence therapy for example.
I offered this and 1916 to a political party before. No takers!
Leaving Cert and Junior Cert revision classes portal. Could originally signpost to all the courses that are on offer and then as traffic and reputation grows, start offering your own online courses.
Did I mention I’m from Cork? I must have failed to mention it til now. Could be used for lots of things travel, tourism and activities related.
Staying on things health.
Sex toys! and would be the perfect domain threesome here.
Another Geo, also surprised it wasn’t taken.
Most businesses in Ireland are an SME. Idea was for a portal of resources for SMEs. Or even as a redirect to a section of another website.
Site that sells SEO courses to people or has downloadable guides.
Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths. Handy centralised site to focus on this areas.
Uhhh, sports? 😉
This was owned by the former computer company that got bought and wiped out by a database company. Ideally a competitor should buy it.
Former domain of a Sunday newspaper. Amazing backlinks. Idea was to download a full copy of the old site from and put it back online.
See below!
See below again!
Cos I believe in them and didn’t want anyone to use it to spread fake and dangerous views.
This site had good enough backlinks for this topic.
This is a growing business in Ireland with operations like these costing upwards of €16,000. SEO this website and very good opportunities to generate referrals. and
For a renewable energy client. And to prevent conspiracy theorists abuse it
Nice ideal domain where you allow people to buy various workouts from people. An online store of workouts from sports stars, celebs, bodybuilders.


I have far too many domains these days so I want to offload them. I have many of these for years for projects I never got to start/complete. Make me an offer. Or if you want to rent a domain to see if it works for you, let me know.

Barbie joins LinkedIn – Other Barbies on LinkedIn get lots of visits

So it was announced by Mattel that Barbie is going to be “hashtag unapologetic” about being an entrepreneur. iPad, business attire and a LinkedIn profile! You can buy the doll right here now.

Barbie Linked - Fake Plastic Barbie

Plastic ceilings
From the PR blurb:

This year Barbie is once again breaking through plastic ceilings and inspiring girls to follow their dreams. The 2014 career of the year doll is Entrepreneur Barbie. To celebrate her newest career, Barbie is honoring special women entrepreneurs to help start a conversation for girls everywhere, reminding them that — “If they can dream it, they can be it – anything is possible!

Barbie on LinkedIn - #unapologetic

So with that, if you go on to LinkedIn now and look for Barbie, hello Barbie!


Even when you Google for “Barbie LinkedIn” you get:

This guy is going to be getting a lot of views and I’m sure some weird connection requests too.

Now put your café and restaurant menus on Facebook

Facebook made a nice small change for restaurant and café Pages. Now you can now upload your menus once they’re less than 1Mb in size. These can easily be viewed on desktop or mobile.

On your Page go into Settings > Page Info and there should be a Menu option available. Click on that and upload your Menu.
Facebook Pages Menu Setting - Mulley Comms

This is what it looks like on a mobile:

Facebook Restaurant Menu Mobile

Hat tip to someone on Twitter for this, sorry forgot who.

Digital links – Monday January 13th 2014

Why not get rid of some of your fans? Maybe a lot of the ones? Highly interesting post from John Bell on this. Real fans versus those there for a freebie debate coming back again.

Facebook can now tell of those who saw your FB ad (not just those that clicked), who purchased something in a physical store. In the store! jumping from the digital to the physical.

Facebook is also the number two ad network in the world now. Google is number 1.

Just read ALL of these.

(PDF). The Social Media Policy from the HSE is quite good and full of common sense.

Jeremy Waite’s social strategy for 2014.

P.O.S.T. People Objectives Strategy Technology.

Facebook ads, like growing crops. This guy suggests highly targeted and lots of ads. Or something.

Businesses: Time to get your Vine on

Mulley Communications does training courses and consultancy around strategy. Sign up to the courses list or our mailing list.

Main takeaways:

  1. If you are on Twitter already, get a Vine account
  2. Practice by making lots of quick videos
  3. Vine videos should be instructional not promotional and fun not boring
  4. Make your Vine titles obvious/informative
  5. Share them on Twitter
  6. Get your public URL

Vine is an app from a company Twitter bought a while back. Vine lets you make 6 second videos. Just 6 seconds. All in one go or you can make them in smaller bits and put them together. They have to be done via your Vine mobile app. Another mobile first company. You can get the app for iPhone, Android and Windows.

Back in August about 3% of people in Ireland had a Vine account and this is growing, not rapidly but steadily. The value of Vine is that the video you record can be shared into the Twitter feed of everyone that follows your Twitter account and can be played on desktop or mobile instantly. No clicking and it popping out into a browser or anything like that. As Twitter grows and it is already massive in Ireland, your Vine videos can, in a way, be seen by more people.

Now in addition, your Vine videos can be seen on a public profile page. Which means lots of Google traffic to your videos so you don’t need just Vine traffic and Twitter traffic. So if you were dithering about Vine, now is the time to decide. All the elements are there now to use it for marketing.

And they can also be embedded, like this from Pendelton:

6 seconds can add a hell of a lot of context
Images can give more context than text only. animated images even more context, video with audio way more. The issues with video have always been the production that goes in to getting them right, even if they’re just two minutes long.

Now while you don’t need 10,000 hours to get them right, you do need some practice so playing with making really short videos means you can get your experience level up quite quickly.

A nice example is Essential French in Cork sharing 6 second French lessons.

Some guides on how to use Vine. From Convert with Content. Beginners Guide from Mashable.

Mulley Communications does training courses and consultancy around strategy. Sign up to the courses list or our mailing list.