LinkedIn Updates – How many Words Before the Text Disappears? 25ish

You have 25 words/140 characters to get your message across on here before “See More” needs to be pressed. The space of an old school tweet.

Use the inverted pyramid. Headline and takeaway first and then go into more detail. An update for all screen sizes that includes an image, video or link preview will be seen if it is about 140 characters.

This 140 character rule is a simplification because this all depends on the size of a screen. You have more words/characters for desktop users compared to mobile. Blank spaces/blank lines are also counted.

And so if you are the type that spaces out sentences

so they read like this, the spaces and line breaks seem to be counted too.

Doing it this way you might actually only have 10-15 words to get your takeaway/exec summary across.

I prefer adding a video, image or link to updates as you get more real estate on a timeline and capture more of the gaze of a scroller. Keeping it to 140 characters gets my text and image/video/link preview seen too.

So choose your intro text very carefully.