Digital Project Management

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Digital Project Management Training

Guerrilla Guide to Managing a Digital Web Project
Date: Wednesday January 22nd
Price: €157

This Guerrilla Guide to Managing a Digital Web Project course is for those who have responsibility for the delivery of web projects which, although they have technology elements, are equally concerned with the delivery of websites, services or mobile apps where design and user interface requirements are key.

What’s covered:

  • The 7 stages of a digital project
  • In the beginning – Business Analysis, prioritisation and the RFT/RFP document
  • A beginners guide to web and software developers and agencies.
  • Key approaches to web and software development builds, pro’s and con’s of each
  • The Psychology of a digital project. Its the people.
  • Change is great, just saying no is better. The importance of change management and scope creep.
  • The Software element – BAT, UAT & unit, system and end to end testing
  • Your trainer is Keith Bohanna.

Date and Time:
Wednesday January 22nd, 2pm, Dublin City Centre

€157 for the half day workshop. 50% payment required. We take cheque or we can take credit card over the phone. A 50% cancelation fee applies if you cancel less than three days before the workshop.


Dublin City Centre

Keith has been working as a Digital PM and BA (Business Analyst) for over a decade with a client list across the public and private sectors. This includes successful engagements with Bord Gais Networks, Eircom, a large NFP in the health sector, Oglivy Dublin, Razor Communications, The Heritage Council and the Crafts Council of Ireland as well as many smaller projects.

Keith was our sounding board for ideas and led the way in assessing whether concepts were feasible, helped us to put early structure on our content strategy, highlighted how we could make the internet work for us (using examples), shifted our perspective away from text heavy content towards modern, light, graphics driven sites and assisted us in organising our internet strategy

Once the direction was set, Keith kept the focus on the ‘critical path’ whenever the team wandered. He skillfully directed the team through the various deliveries, ensuring that the project was delivered on time. – Cathal McCarthy, PMO Bord Gais Energy

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A nation of chocaholics, Red Bull losing their wings?

The Checkout magazine Top 100 brands list is out. Coca-cola is top dog again but really it’s chocolate that we Irish buy a lot.

12 confectionery brands featured in the Top 100 list; Cadbury Dairy Milk (5th), Galaxy (36th), Nestlé KitKat (49th), Haribo (53rd), Maltesers (55th), Kinder (56th), Nestlé Rowntree (67th), Cadbury Roses (75th), Nestlé Aero (82nd), Cadbury Snack (87th), Cadbury Twirl (95th) and Mars (100th).

With all the huge online and offline media coverage of Red Bull in the past 12 months, Red Bull has actually dropped four places in the table to 26th from 22nd last year. Coke is 1st, Red bull 26th and Pepsi is 48th. Were I an agency I’d be pitching to Pepsi this week.

And in terms of the bad for you brands: Budweiser is still the number one off-trade alcohol brand, Blossom Hill is Ireland’s leading wine brand, Smirnoff is Ireland’s top spirit, and Silk Cut holds on to its position as Ireland’s leading tobacco brand.

Responsive Web Design Training Course

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Responsive Design Training Course Dublin and Cork

Date and Time: Tuesday June 25th, 9.30am until 1pm
Location: Temple Bar Hotel

The web is no longer 960 pixels wide. It’s everywhere, and on everything – on mobiles, tablets, your telly, your games console. How do designers cope with this growing array of devices and screen sizes? By using Responsive Web Design to adapt to the device their visitor is viewing it on.

In this Introduction to Responsive Web Design we will:

  • Tell you how RWD works, with some great examples
  • Show you how to build a simple responsive homepage
  • Show you tools and techniques to help you get responsive

About your trainer:
We think Stewart Curry is awesome because he makes awesome things on the web and likes to show you how to do the same. His company is and he’s on Twitter over there.

You’ll need a working knowledge of HTML and CSS as that’s what we’ll be using to get things responsive. Bring a laptop.

€137 for this half day workshop. A 50% cancelation fee applies if you cancel 48 hours or less before the workshop.

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Google Analytics Training Workshop Cork – May 13th 2013

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Course Description

This Google Analytics Course is an in-depth, hands-on half day training course that starts with the basics of analytics and how a structured approach to analytics is the first thing to focus on before going near Google Analytics. We’ll create our own measurement model one-pager so that by the time we log into Google Analytics, we know exactly what data and insights we’re looking for.

Then, we move on to some of the key standard reports which you should pay attention to.

Standard reports aren’t enough however. To get the real benefit from Google Analytics, you need to customise the reports to suit your business and the different needs of the people in the business. For this, we’ll look at how to create a custom report to match the the measurement model we created at the start of the session.

What you’ll get:

  • A better process to approach analytics
  • The key standard reports
  • How to customise reports to deliver the greatest insight with the minimum amount of work

Your trainer is Laurence Veale who has oceans of real world experience in this area.

Date and Time:
1.30pm until 4.30pm on May 13th

€97 for the half day workshop. A 50% cancelation fee applies if you cancel 48 hours or less before the workshop.

River Lee Hotel, Cork City Centre

2013 Facebook for Business Detox – Jan 23rd, Dublin

This course is now over but you can see other Digital Marketing Courses here. If you want to add your name to future training courses, fill in this form.

2013 Facebook for Business Detox
Date and time: Wednesday January 23rd, 2013 1pm to 5pm
Location: Dublin City Centre
Price: €97 (No VAT on training) (Max 10 people on this)

Did you know that a Facebook update with pictures or links gets more engagement? Yeah, we all do by now. But did you know that a pure text update will be seen by more people? Ah hah. These are some of the areas we’ll be looking at in the Facebook for Business Detox course. This is for companies/orgs that are planning to spruce up what they do on Facebook for 2013.

Objectives: This is a refresher course on Facebook for Business, this is for organisations or businesses that are already using Facebook Business Pages. (Good for anyone with 150 – 5000 likes) This is the equivalent of the Facebook for Business Intermediate Course. Bring your laptop with you.

Areas covered:

  • Making your Facebook Business Page look nice. (Rainbows optional)
  • Using Facebook Insights.
  • Growing your numbers.
  • Content creation to get more interactions.
  • Promoted posts and Facebook Ads.
  • Using targeted updates if you’re at 5k+ Likes.

Contact to reserve a place and if you book it before 2013 you can take it out of your 2012 training budget and use up that excess. If you want to have this run elsewhere or in-house, contact me too.

Privacy Policy

8000 – So here you go

Well it seems the unofficial account of Junior Vice-President Damien Mulley hit 8000 connections a short while ago. As a thank you or a “D’fuck did that happen?” style response, management has decided that he’ll give you a day of his time to consult with you or a chosen company/organisation.

You can choose a day of training on the usual suspects, a day of consultancy or a mix that you choose.

This picture of chocolate has nothing to do with this post, hello!

Few simple rules: the company does not work for telcos, political parties or alcohol companies. You can’t resell this to someone else or make this a premium event that you get payment for. Still lots of opportunities there.

What digital skills do you want for your interns?

I’ve noticed a lot of people asking me on Twitter to retweet Tweets where they are looking for intern positions with marketing or PR companies or looking for digital work in other companies.

Companies have different criteria depending on the work they do. I’d be grateful for some feedback from PR and Marketing companies in particular as to what they want interns schooled in before they start the job.

Are things like the below important?

  • How to create and run Facebook Pages
  • How to run Facebook Ads
  • How to create Facebook Tabs
  • Running Twitter accounts
  • Creation of content plans for Facebook and Twitter
  • Running Google Ad campaigns

What other digital skills are needed?

Facebook Places Ireland finally launches


Facebook Places for Ireland finally launched today. Some of the nerdier types have been waiting for ages to get to play with this. (Some even nerdier ones did all kind of hacks with networks toe be able to check in).

What does it mean for an individual?

More stalkeridge! You can now see where you friends are and with whom, if they wish to share this information. You can tell your friends where you are now, show them pictures from that location etc. As Facebook Places matures you will be able to avail of deals in locations near you or go to the locations based on offers.

What does it mean for a business?

If you claim your Place/location you can merge it with an existing Business Page. When someone checks in, their friends see this, might click on through and see your business details. If people are frequenting your business, why not give them the option of telling their friends? The average Irish person has 160 friends on Facebook. That’s the potential audience every time someone checks in to your location on Facebook. The longterm goal with this is Facebook Deals. Check in, get 20% off, win prizes and so on. Rewards for being loyal.

Right now: As a business, get your physical location created or claim it and enable people to check in. Get some Facebook Stickers made too to encourage people to check in!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Facebook Places.

The above pic is me outside Facebook HQ in Dublin with a giant Places icon. Courtesy of Made In Hollywood Props.

Evening Course Dublin 2011 – Social Media/Digital Marketing

This course is now over but you can see other Digital Marketing Courses here. If you want to add your name to future training courses, fill in this form.

On the back of the Social Media for Business course in Cork, a 9 week evening course will take place each Monday evening from January 24th until March 21st. Details:

Price: €550
Location: Camden Court Hotel, Dublin
How to book: Email Damien ( at )
Experience level: Experienced web usage, basic understanding of some online marketing would be beneficial.

Call it social media/digital marketing/online marketing or something else, more and more businesses want their staff up to speed on social media. The course has been designed based on feedback from businesses that have attended previous courses I have done (both day-long and weekly courses) and is quite practical in nature. Bring a laptop if you can, we’ll have desks, power and wifi for you. Detailed documentation will also be provided.

  • Overview of current social media trends
  • Search Optimisation and Website Structure
  • Targeted Advertising (Google and Facebook)
  • Blogging and Content Creation
  • Facebook for Business
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Mobile marketing, location services, mobile apps
  • Devising a Marketing Plan