Facebook Ireland brings in City Targeting

There are 1.5 Million people using Facebook in Ireland. Almost 1 Million of them use it on a daily basis. There are lots of other stats we can dig out from Facebook and some are below. As of today you can see details of people in cities and get some pretty sweet extra demographics from a system that allows you to get details on age, gender, work, education, interests, birthday and whether they like your brand on Facebook already.

Facebook Ireland City Targeting

Lots and lots of cities and towns, here’s just some for Cork:
Facebook Ireland City Targeting

And the healthy stats as of publication:
1,575,720 people who live in Ireland
920,880 who live in Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway

699,800 people who live in Dublin
87,560 people who live in Cork
61,040 people who live in Limerick
70,320 people who live in Galway
90,980 people who live in Belfast

With this we can send targeted ads to people that use Facebook. Examples: Offer Leaving Cert grinds to kids in Cork. Offer last minute meal deals to people in Galway that like Italian food. Offer county themed T-Shirts to GAA fans in Donegal. Little bit of imagination and you can see how much fun it can be.

That’s ads. Expect to eventually do status updates targeted by Cities and location. Facebook interactions and marketing based on location details is around the corner too so stay tuned. Once you digest that and start to play with the ad system, remind yourself about Foursquare too.

Links for the week April 26th 2010 – Stats

By the numbers…

Social networking now more traffic and time than email. Still more people with emails than accounts on Facebook, for now.

Twitter stats. Amazing stats at that.

105,779,710 registered users
600 million searches per day
180 million unique visitors per month
37 percent of active users use Twitter on their phones

Tumblr hits 1BN pageviews a month.

Foursquare and the History Channel adding some history to Foursquare locations.

Fascinating insight into what works on Facebook for marketing.

Measure it! – May 5th – Dublin

Update: Measure it! takes place in the Odeon Bar, Harcourt Street on May 5th from 10am to 12pm.
Second update: It’s a free event.

Measure it!
One needs an exclamation mark to make your event more exciting. In the spirit of MeasurementCamp, we’ll be hosting an event around social media and measurement and we’ll call it “Measure it!”. Two hours, 10am-12pm. Two ten minute case studies which will concentrate on the measurement of campaigns, we’ll break you into groups to do a task then we might wrap up with a Q&A.

Who’s it for?
PR companies, marketing companies, individuals, organisations, monkey trainers (if you have a Twitter account), people wanting to figure this social media lark out.

Sign up in the comments
If you want to come along, leave a comment over there ->

And yes, there’s space for us all.

Links this week – Monday February 8th 2010

Social media works for some orgs, not for others. Dachsis covers how to sell the idea to your organisation.

Another way to measure website traffic in Ireland. IrelandMetrix top sites.

Interesting how larger firms are now stopping analysts with big “microbrands” from using them. Blog and Twitter only on company space.

How Del taco uses Facebook to market itself.

Video: Should everyone get involved in social media?

Links this week – Wednesday February 3rd 2010

Video: Cory Booker explains his strategy

for using Twitter and other social media to take on what he calls Newark, New Jersey’s “reputational problems.” … Booker points out the eye-catching fact that his reach on Twitter is some multiple of the number of people who actually live in Newark.

Social media and plumbers? Really? Yes.

8 guides to use social networks for business.

Good metrics to track social media campaigns.

So running someone else’s Twitter account. Should you?

What’s data worth?

Links this week – Wednesday 27th January 2010

150,000 Irish are on Twitter. Gabby feckers aren’t they?

Online Marketing Plan template from Toddle.

Pivotal talks face to face promotions.

If you’re into Foursquare. Foursquare X looks er mega.

Social business in 2010.

And on that. How to become a smarter social business person.

The 5 Reasons You’re Failing In Social Media

Ireland Twitter usage: 17th in world?

Stats this week from survey/research company Sysomos show that worldwide Ireland has 0.5% of Twitter users which works out at being 17th on Twitter accounts.

Twitter usage for Ireland
In terms of being noisy, we come 15th in volume. That is, 0.60% of Tweets on Twitter come from Ireland. Iran shows up on this list though which is probably to do with people listing they are from Iran to help the “green revolution” over there.

Check out the full survey.

Facebook triples in size in Ireland in 2009

Facebook Ireland tripled in size in 2009.
Jan 07 – 7k users,
Jan 08 – 200k users,
Jan 09 – 400k users,
Jan 10 – 1.2M users

1,175,180 registered their gender
Male: 539,960
Female: 645,760

Relationship status
639,700 people who live in Ireland who are single, in a relationship, engaged or married
220,320 single
207,380 in relationship
40,260 engaged
180,300 married

162,880 18 and under
1,114,780 18 and over
774,100 25 and older
514,220 30 and older
186,040 40 and older
70,600 50 and older