Collision Course 1 – Edelman HQ, Jan 21st, 6.17pm

Update: 12 Jan 2009 – Event is now full

The event I previously offered to organise, that of Irish bloggers meeting PR and Marketing folk will happen on Jan 21st in Dublin thanks to Edelman who are offering up space to host it. Yeah it’s 6.17pm as 6.15pm is just a tad too uniform but come along at 6.15pm if you feel more comfortable with that. Spaces are limited to 30 and those who already stuck their name down get first refusal.

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The format will be a PR rep will give a five minute talk about what PR is about and maybe give some Irish context and then we’ll have an Irish blogger share their experiences of what blogging in Ireland is about and then we’ll open the floor so anyone can pick the brains of this combined group.

The idea of this meetup (and perhaps it will become a regular thing) is for those who interact so much online can share their experiences with those people employed to try and connect with these digital natives and give them what they want. A lot of the bad experiences around PR and Marketing are to do with miscommunications between the various groups. Lets try and sort that.

Edelman’s address is:

5th Floor
Huguenot House
37 St Stephens’ Green
Dublin 2 – Ireland

The Rear
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