D4Hotels – Great local example of Online Interactions

D4Hotels introduced a special offer back in January of hotel rooms with free broadband for just over €20 a night for select rooms at select times. News first hit about this on Boards.ie and spread like wildfire online before getting picked up by the tradtional media. It got huge attention when their marketing person appeared on the Pat Kenny show to talk about the offer and with what sounded like a rookie mistake or nerves or perhaps stupidity, she said all rooms were at that price, which wasn’t true.

D4 Hotels

She got dragged back on air the next day and got roasted by Kenny. Lots and lots of apologies and dozens of complaints. Online however, they not only got the communications right, they upped it with direct interaction with people who booked the offer and people who were considering it. Someone called Pat from D4Hotels came along on Boards.ie and started answering questions. Then switching people to better rooms and following up on stays to see were people happy.

Park Plaza Hotel
Photo owned by cherrylet (cc)(Not actual pic of hotel)

And when the special offer ran out? Well, with the momentum slowing, they introduced a special discount for those using Boards.ie. (Go here and the code is BOARDS) And the momentum kept going again. The discussion thread on the Bargain Alerts forum on Boards.ie got locked yesterday after 23 pages of interactions and 100+ posts from Pat but not before the hotel set up their own blog to keep the interactions going.

Recognition is deserved for Pat and others in D4 Hotels that did this. More of this sort of thing!

4 thoughts on “D4Hotels – Great local example of Online Interactions”

  1. Here, Here
    Constant guest of D4 Hotels
    No bad things to say, does what it says on the tin.
    Good quality accommodation at excellent prices

  2. I’ve spent more nights in d4 hotels since January than I have at home, and found it great. Price is hard to beat, service was very good (although the bar food can be slow at lunchtime) and the Court in particular is a great hotel.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice words. Had a lot of fun on the Boards. Was in the process of getting Blog together when had to call it in to action sooner then I wanted. Feedback welcome on it as a bit new to Blogs.

    Pat D4 hotlels

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