Knowledge is Power – January 2nd 2009

Fred Wilson and Broadstuff talk about life in banner ads/display ads still. You don’t get brand recognition/reenforcement with search ads.

Things a company can’t and shouldn’t do on Facebook.

Here’s a wakeup call. The kids don’t care about cars anymore. How can you market to them now car makers?

You in PR? 51 not very technical things you should have a grasp of.

Ten Recipes for Persuasive Content.

Want to do video demos? Have a look at the Debut software. It’s freeware.

Their language. The BBC does something very clever. For a kids comedy show they have the kids improvise their lines. Letting the kids talk in their own language, not the dialog of older script writers. Who writes the copy for your ads? Who looks after PR for the kids products that kids buy? Mmm.

Richard did a great presentation on Web Architecture and SEO. Have a looksee.