MeasurementCamp lands in Dublin, first one May 27th 2009

Analysis is like sunlight, it’s a great disinfectant. If something can be measured and analysised properly then it can have a real value. Online campaigns can be evaluated and companies and their clients need to know this. It’s not guess work. It’s not throw fifty grand at something and being told a few comments are the way to see that it worked. MeasurementCamp, the regular meetup of people who want to measure the effect of social media style campaigns now has a franchise in Dublin. Hooray for MeasurementCamp Dublin. Will McInnes is the founding father of the cult of the MeasurementCamp and now we are having one in Dublin and I hear it’ll be in more cities soon. Good.

Unlike MeasurementCamp in London, the “scene” in Ireland is still very much in the gestation period so as McampDublin gets going there will probably a lot more learning and teaching about the basics before we can up a gear. Switched-on PR and Marketing companies in Ireland are the exception rather than the rule but the appetite to learn about all these new areas is ferocious by a significant number of companies involved in communications. One of the main tasks too is to make sure and enforcing by beatings if need be (well maybe not) that people don’t try and do sales pitches. Both developers and PR/Marketing folks. It’s a habit that can be broken. We want case studies of both campaigns that worked and didn’t work backed up with how these case studies were measured. MeasurementCamp is about sharing so those coming along will be asked to give to the group.

If You Can
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The first MeasurementCamp Dublin takes place on May 27th starting at 10am in the Odeon, with thanks to Fleishman Hillard for organising this venue and sponsoring it. There are 30 people signed up fo far, most of them from the dev side of the equation. We’ll hopefully see a rebalance with that closer to the day as the PR and Marketing companies become aware of this. Please sign up on the page above and come along if you’re interested in contributing to making the online PR and Marketing industry in Ireland better.

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