QR Code survey: 65% can read them (of Twitter users)

I did a mini-survey on Twitter earlier today. 350 people answered two questions. It asked what phone type they had and if they had a QR scanner on their phone. The results:

Do you have a QR code reader on your phone?

Yes 229 – 65%
No 93 – 27%
A what now? (Don’t know) 28 – 8%


What type of phone did they have?
iPhone (any type) 188 – 54%
Android based smartphone 114 – 33%
Nokia 26 – 7%
Windows Phone 6 – 2%
Blackberry 7 – 2%
Other 9 – 3%


Which platform likes QR codes more?
74.5% of Android owners had QR readers, 69.6% of iPhone owners had QR readers.

The results to me were surprising, the small marketing and tech industry drenched network would not represent the general masses but I still would not have thought the amount of people with QR code readers on their smartphones were so high.

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  1. when did you do this survey. I would like cite this in a presentation that I am giving on Saturday.

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