Collision Course II – February 18th 2009

While the first Collision Course hasn’t even happened yet, there are enough people being turned away (sorry people!) to warrant a second one. Unless we all end up doing some kind of Battle Royale thing, there’ll be a second and a third and so on. We might as well make this a regular thing. Some of the wrinkles might get ironed out by the next one too. It would also be good to see new faces at the second one. So if you’re a blogger, a PR person or someone in Digital Marketing then sign up in the comments for the next Collision Course.

If a PR or Marketing company wants to volunteer a space for 30 people or less on the evening of February 18th, let me know too.
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  1. Sign me up, captain!

  2. Sign me up! Are you looking for a venue in Dublin? I may be able to help…

  3. Would love to join you. So yes please count me in.

  4. i assume it’s happening somewhere in dublin? wish i could make it from sligo :) if you move it to the 17th, i’d love to go.

  5. Anyone buyin’ or sellin’ the tickets? Please include me if you run the course again.

  6. I’d like to be part of this, Damien.

    Also have another recruit from a branding firm who wants to tag along.

  7. Count me in too! [17th would suit me better also, but can make the 18th]

  8. I’d like to add my name Damien plus 1 if possible

  9. Oh this sounds brilliant! Please put me down for a space (2 if at all possible although I know that’s being a bit greedy). I might be able to help with the venue too, if the offer above didn’t work out.

  10. Hi,
    Sounds great can you sign me up?

  11. Please sir, Can I have some more?

    (count me in!)

  12. Sign me up also, thanks!

  13. actually scrap that, can’t do the 18th of Feb.

  14. Boo-urns. Can’t do Wednesdays.

  15. Curiosity: What is the proportion of PRs to bloggers at CC 1?

  16. I’d be interested in coming along.

  17. Hi Damien,
    Could be interested in providing space and supporting the event some.

    Let me know what you’re planning – in Dublin?

    Damien Lee
    086 250 1020

  18. Please count me in.



  19. Count me in for the 18th Feb Damien, hope tonight goes well!

  20. Sounds great, count me in

  21. I’d like to be part of this one! Please count me in!! Many Thanks

  22. Could i please sign up to attend?

  23. Count me in please!

  24. Yes please with plus 1 is possible.

  25. And me as well please!

  26. Count me in.

    Our office would be suitable as a venue. I dropped you a mail with some info let me know if you want the space.

  27. Count me in please, looking forward to it

  28. If space still permits I’d love to come along.

  29. As it now looks like I am going to be in Dublin on 17th/18th I’d LOVE to be involved in this if space still allows. And remember, I’m only a small ‘un! ;)

  30. Hey how do I attend…

  31. Would love to attend.

  32. Sounds good, please count me in …

  33. I’m in, if there’s room/you’ll have me

  34. I’ll squeeze in if there is a slot available.

  35. yes please.

  36. I’ll be there!

  37. I’m late to this and see that it’s full up already, but put me down in case there’s any cancellations ;-)

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