Collision Course II – February 18th 2009

While the first Collision Course hasn’t even happened yet, there are enough people being turned away (sorry people!) to warrant a second one. Unless we all end up doing some kind of Battle Royale thing, there’ll be a second and a third and so on. We might as well make this a regular thing. Some of the wrinkles might get ironed out by the next one too. It would also be good to see new faces at the second one. So if you’re a blogger, a PR person or someone in Digital Marketing then sign up in the comments for the next Collision Course.

If a PR or Marketing company wants to volunteer a space for 30 people or less on the evening of February 18th, let me know too.
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39 thoughts on “Collision Course II – February 18th 2009”

  1. i assume it’s happening somewhere in dublin? wish i could make it from sligo 🙂 if you move it to the 17th, i’d love to go.

  2. Oh this sounds brilliant! Please put me down for a space (2 if at all possible although I know that’s being a bit greedy). I might be able to help with the venue too, if the offer above didn’t work out.

  3. Hi Damien,
    Could be interested in providing space and supporting the event some.

    Let me know what you’re planning – in Dublin?

    Damien Lee
    086 250 1020

  4. As it now looks like I am going to be in Dublin on 17th/18th I’d LOVE to be involved in this if space still allows. And remember, I’m only a small ‘un! 😉

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